Come to Sydney from May 25-27 2018 for the biggest and best pro-liberty event in the Asia Pacific Region, hosted by the Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) and the Australian Taxpayers Alliance (ATA).

Over 300 activists, thought leaders, business representatives, and political influencers will hear from some of the best speakers from not just Australia, but around the world.

The highlight of the conference will be the presentation of the Annual Liberty Awards at the Gala Dinner on Saturday night.

In addition to the two hosting organisations, the Friedman Conference is supported by a range of sponsors and contributors, including the Institute of Public Affairs and Connor Court Publishing.

Watch this event page for regular updates and speaker announcements. If any attendees have any suggestions or questions then please contact ATA Executive Director Tim Andrews, ALS President John Humphreys, and/or ALS Executive Director Stuart Hatch.