Atlas Network and Universidad Francisco Marroquín will host a Donor Tour on January 20-22, immediately following the Latin America Liberty Forum 2016, co-hosted with the Universidad Francisco Marroquín. You can download a promotional brochure for the Donor Tour by clicking here. 

Here's a sketch of what you'll experience if you join Atlas Network on this three-day donor tour, taking place January 20-22.

  • Wednesday, Jan. 20 — Tour the spectacular Lake Atitlán bordered by volcanoes and traditional villages
  • Thursday, Jan. 21 — Visit the market of Chichicastenango, famous for its wildly colorful textiles and food displays
  • Friday, Jan. 22 — Wander the cobblestone streets of Antigua, one of the best preserved Spanish colonial towns in the hemisphere
  • (Optional) Saturday, Jan. 23 — An extension on Saturday is available for those who would like to climb Pacaya, one of Guatemala's three active volcanoes. The hike is low-to-medium difficulty (you can rent a horse!). Or, have a relaxing day exploring Antigua, on your own or with a Universidad Francisco Marroquín student as your guide.

For more information on the Latin America Liberty Forum, this Donor Tour, or future Donor Tours, contact Stephanie Giovanetti Lips at or 914-484-1523.