Please join Atlas Network for our special supporter appreciation holiday party in New York City. We look forward to celebrating the holidays and the end of 2015 with you!

This event will feature Corinne Sauer, co-founder and executive director of the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS). Sauer earned a M.A. in economics at the University of Aix-Marseille III in 1987 and was an Austrian economics fellow in the economics Ph.D. program at New York University from 1988-1990. Sauer is an expert in data analysis and education economics, and is now the director of the Center for Data Analysis at JIMS. Throughout the 1990s, and prior to forming JIMS, Sauer was a senior economic consultant for Integral Research, an expert witness consulting firm located in New York City.

Sauer will speak about religious freedom, business freedom, and economic freedom: "Religious freedom in Israel or the lack of it and how a small group of citizens are controlling everyone life," explained Sauer in a pre-event email. "I think American Jews would be interested in hearing about our work at JIMS for allowing civil marriages and introducing competition in the religious services, which are now controlled by a public monopoly."

"Over regulation and huge bureaucracy prevents many small businesses to even open and if they do the huge obstacles they encounter along the way," Sauer says. There is a "growing government deficit that could have disastrous consequences for the economy and why the welfare system became corrupted and hostage to political lobbying. At JIMS, we have interesting facts about the cost of government and the tax burden."

We hope you will join us to celebrate Hanukkah and learn about freedom in Israel.