Cato University is an annual program that brings together outstanding faculty and participants from across the country and, often, from around the globe–all sharing a commitment to liberty and learning. In the highly politicized atmosphere of an election year, our nation's capital is the perfect setting for examining the roots of our commitment to liberty and limited government, and for exploring the ideas and values on which the American republic was founded.

This summer, have a spectacular vacation while sharing ideas on how to advance, enhance, and defend your principles about liberty, free markets, individual rights, the dangers of a sprawling, expensive, and intruding government, and much more! 

The Setting: This year's program is once again being held at the Cato Institute's headquarters, located in the heart of Washington, D.C.

No Price Increase for 2016: To make this wonderful program as accessible to as many people as possible, we've kept the cost of Cato University at $995. This price covers all meals, receptions, lectures, materials, books, and evening events, but not overnight room charges. However, we have been able to arrange an exceptionally low room rate for participants at a nearby hotel.
Details and Registration: Registration is now open, so register today! Additional information on this year's schedule and lecturers is available at

If you have any questions about the 2016 program, please email Lexie Bubb or Brandi Dunn. For registration information, please call 202-789-5203.