December 15, 2015 – American Founders Luncheon
“Pelatiah Webster: The Founding Generation’s Foremost Economic Thinker”

History largely has forgotten Pelatiah Webster. He was neither a signatory of our country’s founding documents nor a holder of public office. He was, however, the prototype of the informed and patriotic American citizens who remain the unsung heroes of the founding generation. As both a trained minister and highly successful merchant, he uniquely blended the Christian and commercial strands that comprised the American character. His astute published critiques of monetary and fiscal policy made him America’s first economist. Some even believe he was the true father of the U.S. Constitution. Come get to know this overlooked American patriot.

Join on December 15, 2015, at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Club to hear Dr. Mark Hendrickson, adjunct faculty member, economist, and fellow for economics and social policy with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College, discuss “Pelatiah Webster: The Founding Generation’s Foremost Economic Thinker.” Toregister, please contact Brenda Vinton at or (724) 450-1541. And, please bring a friend. The cost of lunch is $17.76.


Mark Hendrickson is adjunct professor of economics at Grove City College, where he has taught since 2004. He is also a fellow for economic and social policy with The Center for Vision & Values, for which he writes regular commentaries. He is a contributing editor ofThe St. Croix Review and, sits on the Council of Scholars of the Commonwealth Foundation, and writes the weekly “No Panaceas” column in the Op/Ed section of

After completing his B.A. in Spanish from Albion College, he at various times studied at the University of Michigan School of Law, Oxford University (Shakespeare and world literature), and Harvard (moral education) before earning his masters and doctorate degrees under the tutelage of the late economist, Dr. Hans F. Sennholz. His published books include: Problems with Piketty (2014); America’s March Toward Communism (1987); Famous But Nameless: Inspiration and Lessons from the Bible’s Anonymous Characters (2011); and God and Man on Wall Street: The Conscience of Capitalism (with Craig Columbus, 2012).