In cooperation with CIFE (Center International de Formation Européenneú), CEVRO Institute is hosting the Summer University in Prague on "Central Europe: East or West?". The Summer School will be held at the college on September 24 - 30, 2017. Lectures will be conducted by the top Czech and foreign experts. The lectures will be held in English.

The CIFE programmes are of short duration (usually a week long) and take place over the summer months in various European countries. Their main objective is to allow students, researchers and young professionals to deepen their knowledge in the fields of European integration and international relations and to increase their understanding of the problems faced by modern society as a consequence of international developments.

Students can generate 4.5 ECTS Credits (European credits transfer system)

CIFE is a private institution of higher education and research, founded in 1954 with its head office in Nice and branch offices in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul.. Every year, students from all continents and a great variety of countries enroll in its 4 programmes, which lead to a degree at Master level.

Application or any questions, please use the email of Mgr. Jiří Š. Cieslar:

The price for Czech listeners is CZK 2,500 (fee includes lectures, lessons, seminars and visits to institutions). The prize for foreign students is 400 EUR (including accommodation and meals).


Main themes and lecturers

The European Defense Policy | Madeleine Hubin, HEC Liège (B)
The Neighborhood Policy | Madeleine Hubin, HEC Liège (B)
The role of Army in Czech Republic and in Central Europe | Jiří Šedivý, frm. Chief of Staff (CZ)
European Energy Security | Václav Bartuška, Ambassador for Energy Security (CZ)
Defence Cooperation in Central Europe | Daniel Koštoval, Deputy Minister of Defence (CZ)
Security Threats in Central Europe | Tomáš Pojar, frm. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (CZ)
Euro-Atlantic Relations and CE Perspective | Alexandr Vondra, frm. Minister of Defence (CZ)
Visegraad Cooperation | Cyril Svoboda, frm. Minister of Foreign Affairs (CZ)
The Energy Policy: the strategy of the European Union for sustainable development | Laurent Baechler, Director of the MAEIS of CIFE (F/TR)