Join the Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education (CMRE) for this evening panel discussion on the topic: 'The London advantage, The London Challenge, immigration, and deprivation.'

The advantage enjoyed by London’s young people, in terms of degree of progress they make at Secondary in relation to those outside the capital, is well documented, but little understood. In the debate about how we should account for this success, much emphasis is placed on the effect of school leaders coming together collaboratively, in an effort, between 2003-11, known as ‘the London Challenge’, to implement a variety of school improvement strategies.

Unfortunately, assertion about the success of the London Challenge are generally made on the basis of research that cannot, properly understood, speak to whether, what, and to what degree aspects of the policy contributed causally to improvement. Proponents of this view want to say that quality of leadership and the motivation of teachers were of decisive importance, and yet, even the best of the quantitative research cited in support of this argument, commissioned recently by the Education Endowment Fund, cannot speak to the influence of these ‘unseen variables.'

Join CMRE and its panelists as they discuss this issue.