European Students for Liberty will be hosting the 2018 LibertyCon in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference theme this year is #ExpressYourself, tackling the area of Freedom of Expression in various aspects including speech, press, art, technology and more. The idea is to present the most successful, interesting and impressionable ideas, speakers and visions of a freer society.

There will be over 900 students and partner organizations attending from around the world, and will be a great networking opportunity. There will also be a fantastic speaker list that includes David Friedman, Deirdre McCloskey, Marc Emery and many more.

Belgrade is a fun city that can provide a lot of entertainment. As attendees, however, there will be further entertainment provided, including multiple concerts and a shooting range. Registration includes meals for three days, socials with free drinks and a certificate. 

Early Bird tickets cost US$10 and are available until January 14.

Regular Tickets cost US$15 until April 12.

Visit the event site here.