Money, the symbol of capitalism, instrument of exchange often decried as a factor for inequality, the quench for profit, and said to be the foundation of an inhumane economic system. But is money a reflection of the capitalist system? Are there moral and technical laws to consider? Should we pay more attention to monetary production? Finally, in which monetary system do we live today and should it change?

To respond to these questions, Swiss Students For Liberty will host its first regional conference on Saturday, November 21ston the theme of money and the monetary system in the city of Fribourg. This conference will be held in three different languages, including common portions in English as well as separate parallel sessions in German and French.

By inviting well renowned professors, entrepreneurs, and experts, this conference hopes to offer different perspectives for each person interested in questions on economics and monetary policy.

The themes below will be explored:

– Economic cycles according to Austrian Business Cycle Theory
– The link between the government and the creation of money
– Alternative currencies, whether gold or crypto-currencies
– The history of central banking
– A detailed breakdown of the 2008 financial crisis
– A philosophical reflection on the ethics of monetary production

This day-long conference will have both a lunch and dinner included, and will give participants the opportunity to meet other students who want to think more liberally in the field of economics.