European Students for Liberty invites you to the first ESFL Regional Conference to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece. On Nov. 21, hundreds of students from Greece and other nearby countries will be given the opportunity to listen to various speakers from all over the world.

Topic: The topic of the Conference is the economical crisis Greece and Europe are facing.

Speakers will adress the following issues:

  • Is Grexit a solution?
  • How we can save Europe?
  • Bitcoin vs Euro?
  • Why Europe protects the big state?
  • Which is the liberal proposal and how we can transform Greece?

Platon Tour: The day after the Regional Conference we will be providing any participant of the conference who want to participate, especially for our foreign participants, with a tour in Athens. For more information please contact

Location: The location of this Regional Conference will be IEK DELTA CONFERENCE ROOM Θεσσαλονίκη Ερμού 45 (Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους) -- 2 minutes away from Aristotelous square

Admission Fee: The entrance to the conference is free, but you need to follow the online reservation in order to secure a seat.


Pieter Cleppe is the Head of the Brussels office of Open Europe. A trained lawyer, Pieter previously practiced law in Belgium, and has worked as a cabinet advisor and speechwriter to the Belgian State Secretary for Administrative Reform. Pieter also previously worked as an analyst at the Belgium’s Itinera Institute, which Open Europe helped to found. He received his legal training at the Catholic University of Leuven, and also studied law and economics at the universities of Hamburg, Bologna and Vienna. Pieter is fluent in Dutch, English and French. He also speaks German and intermediate Italian.

Christian Michel is a Parisian by birth who lived many years in Geneva, where he ran his own finance company After moving to London, he became advisor to several non-profit organisations, president of Libertarian International, and a director of the international Society for Individual Liberty. Christian is the author of La Liberté, deux ou trois choses que je sais d’elle; Vivre ensemble; Bricks of Freedom; and many papers and articles, posted on various internet sites.

Katerina Papanikolaou has born in Thessaloniki in 1981. She has graduated from 5th high school and went on with her studies at the University of Thessaloniki- Biology department, while attending specialization programs at the University of Macedonia on subjects of economics and management. Msc from University of Piraeus on Health economics, scholarship from Bodossaki institute. Worked in the pharmaceutical industry as specialist and account manager for 7years. Attended many sales, strategy, marketing seminars and speaker for the Technological Institute of Serres and University of Macedonia as a freelancer.

Just before her thirties, she went through the Academy of Ancient Greek and traditional Chinese Medicine, where she has studied acupuncture and bee therapy. in 2015 she will complete her training in Psychotherapy with the Gestalt approach (Gestalt Foundation). She offers services of holistic therapy (acupuncture, herbal therapy, bee therapy) to people with chronic diseases, HIV carriers, pregnant women, women with fertility problems, mothers and their infants, as well as organizing workshops on health issues. She also offers psychotherapeutic services and coordinate experiential thematic groups.

She is actively involved in politics and strongly believes in liberal values and ideas. Her fields of action are human rights, individuals liberties, and peoples communion, because she strongly believes in uniqueness and freedom of every man. She offers services in organizations (mostly political parties, institutions, municipalities etc) as a consultant for strategy, communication, motivation, organizational development, and learning. She is member of the National Committee for Human Rights and she writes articles on topics like politics, society, and health.  She enjoys traveling for inspiration, cooking for sharing, following art to evolve, listening to classical music to relax, taking pictures in order to find new images, and writing so she can express. She speaks French and English, and she is a mother.