European Students For Liberty – Polska together with Polish Mises Institute invite you to its third ESFL Regional Conference to be held in Wrocław, Poland.

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge on ideas of liberty, attending inspiring lectures, and getting to know other students who share similar ideas – this is the opportunity for you.

On Saturday, Nov. 21, at The University of Wrocław, students from Poland and abroad will have the opportunity to participate in the debate on social and economic issues. The main goal of Regional Conference in Wrocław will be to emphasize the role of private entrepreneurship and individual responsibility.

However, those who attend can expect to hear about variety of topics, from different aspects of libertarian thought to business and public policy.

Stay tuned – more info coming soon.


Witold Kwaśnicki is a professor at the Institute of Economic Sciences at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wroclaw (head of the Department of General Economic Theory). In 1976, he graduated from the Faculty of Electronics Wroclaw University of Technology, and got Master’s Degree with specialization in electronics engineering – ‘cybernetics systems’. In 1980, he defended his PhD thesis on Simulation of a certain class of evolutionary processes of development, at the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wroclaw University of Technology. In 1995, he habilitated at University of Economics in Wroclaw obtaining his habilitation in economic sciences with specialization ‘theory of economic growth’. His research interests are evolutionary economics, innovation processes, economic growth theory, history of economic thought. As he usually is saying: “I am an engineer and an economist by education and libertarian by conviction.”