FEEcon, hosted by the Foundation for Economic Education, is the premier gathering of freedom lovers from all walks of life, with professional networking opportunities, inspiring panel discussions, and fun for everyone – all sponsored by FEE and held at the landmark Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Choose from 50+ sessions and 8 distinct learning tracks all designed to provide real skills for professional success, combined with a solid grounding in economic, ethical and legal principles that participants won't get anywhere else.

FEEcon will inspire and empower attendees to set their path and change the world!


Anousheh Anari, first Iranian in Space, fourth overall self-funded space tourists, and the first self-funded woman to fly to the International Space Station;

Lawrence W. Reed, President of FEE and author of eight books, his most recent being Real Heroes: Inspiring True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction;

Scott Harrison, Founder and Charity: water, a non-profit bringing safe and clean drinking water to developing nations;

Magatte Wade, TED Global Africa Fellow, founder of Tiossan, and listed as Forbes 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa;

Lonnie Johnson, former Air Force and NASA engineer, and inventor of the Super Soaker water gun;

Kmele Foster, partner and Lead Producer at Freethink and co-host of The Fifth Column podcast;

Brian Bosche, former national journalist and expert in retention and creating ROI;

Tina Guo, internationally acclaimed Grammy-nominated acoustic and electric cellist, recording artist, and composer