Mervyn King and the Good Law Project (GLP) invite you to the launch of two reports:

Principles of Good Law - Good Law Project REPORT I chaired by Prof. Mervyn King SC 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Guidelines - Good Law Project REPORT II chaired by Prof. Mervyn King SC

GLP REPORT I provides clarity on the constitutional and jurisprudential principles and values that should be observed in the formulation and implementation of laws in South Africa.

When it comes to law-making, a holistic approach is required that involves constitutionality, consistency and clarity, feasibility, impact and cost-benefit assessment, good governance, accessibility, justice that is expeditious, affordable and available to all, and consistent application of the rule of law, rather than the discretionary, subjective or arbitrary “rule of man”.

GLP I includes check-lists, and suggestions for law-making mechanisms and institutions in government with a view to reviewing extant law and formulating high quality new law.

GLP REPORT II provides guidelines that promote the highest standards for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) among ADR practitioners like ombudsmen, arbitration commissioners, and tribunals.

GLP II defines the basic requirements of a fair ADR process to ensure access to justice via alternative means, not alternative law. In particular, the fundamental requirements of a fair process – namely the application of substantive law in the determination of the outcome of a dispute and the observance of basic rules of fair procedure in gathering facts and applying the law that is relevant to the dispute.