The Great Connections Seminar

A Summer Program for Students 16 and older

Does college give you what you need to take control of your life and live as a free person? 

Saturday, July 23-Saturday, July 30, 2016


To students...

Are you tired of classes where you’re told what to think?

Are you looking for more than memorizing information and reciting it on tests?

Do you want to be challenged to think for yourself?

Can you confidently argue for - and act on - your point of view?

Do you want to be prepared for today’s ever-changing markets?

Do you want to connect with passionate and principled students from the U.S. and abroad to discuss life’s most challenging questions...while enjoying music, dancing, architecture, and art to the fullest?

If your answer is "yes," then join us this coming July for a unique "total immersion" learning experience in one exciting and challenging week of intensive classes, interactive sessions, off-campus expeditions, and rewarding camaraderie. It just might change your life, as it has for previous students.

No matter where you go to school, this unusual experience will serve you well. The knowledge and skills acquired here could prove to be your most valuable asset in college, graduate school - and life. 

How to register for the seminar:

1. To apply online click here to go to the Application Form (disregard dates on the page if they are from 2015).
2. To apply by postal mail, fax, or email, click here to print out an application form. Complete and mail to 9400 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60643.