Proponents of big government loudly proclaim that they care about the poor. But the results of the efforts -- including dependency-creating welfare programs and corruption-riddled foreign aid regimes -- have been mixed at best. 

Advocates of free enterprise know that the poor do not need handouts. When the poor have economic liberties, they are able to enrich themselves, their families, and their communities. 

At this invite-only full course dinner, you'll learn how Atlas Network is facing this problem head-on. Our global network of 481 partner organizations are advancing free market solutions to poverty in their own countries, and are achieving impressive results. Reforms brought about by Atlas Network partners are opening the doors of opportunity and hundreds of thousands of people are escaping poverty as a consequence.  

Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips will share inspiring stories from the front lines of the fight against global poverty that prove it is indeed freedom -- not big government -- that can vanquish extreme poverty in our lifetimes.

How to RSVP

This event is a full course dinner and attendance is by invitation only. Contact Chelsea Schick at Chelsea.Schick@AtlasNetwork.org about attending. 


Dinner will take place at Stetsons Modern Steak & Sushi in their private room called The Annex on the East Tower Ground/Green Level of the Hyatt Regency Chicago (151 E Upper Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60601).

Dress Code

Dress is business casual. 


The Hyatt Regency hotel offers complimentary valet parking. Valet parking will be free for up to 5 hours with parking stub validatation by the host at Stetsons restaurant.