Guatemalan think tank Instituto Fe y Libertad will be hosting a colloquium on natural law and modernity. It is a four-week program that will run throughout July in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The nineteenth-century prediction that the political question would prevail over justice in a "dominant and absorbing" manner in the legislative sphere (Bastiat), which has been extended to the executive sphere thanks to the regulatory and emergency powers of executives, is an undeniable reality. The political question, related nowadays to statism, has led to a perverted use of the law that has forced a rescue of practical reason with the aim of rethinking the issue of "fairness".

In the last two centuries, various legal and scientific advances transformed the approach to law. In the same way, advances in the philosophy of language in the 20th century, as well as new ethical reflections after the world wars of the 20th century, have forced deep reflections on the need to know. These changes have led to sophisticated theoretical reframes, both in the political, legal and moral, that have not left immune to natural law.

This second colloquium of the second cycle of the seminar dedicated to natural law, will investigate the theories of natural law, the crisis of the concept of natural law as well as the new redefinitions that have been made in the Anglo-Saxon world with the new school of natural law. This approach will delve more deeply into the relationship between the decline of traditional morality and the irruption of a certain moral relativism that has become almost hegemonic in intellectual and cultural environments.

Interested particpants can email the organizer here.