Mises Institute of Economic Education invites all the Austrian School of Economics students to the next Austrian Convention, which is a unique opportunity to spend the day in the company of many economists and supporters of the ASE. Last year, there were 150 people in attendance.

The focus of the conference will be entrepreneurship. Most of the lectures and discussion panels willbe  devoted on the one hand to the role of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in history, and controversies related to the functioning of entrepreneurs in the contemporary market economy on the other.

Among the speakers, their participation has already been confirmed by prof. Witold Kwaśnicki - who will talk about the role of entrepreneurs in building the present standard of living; Dr. Mateusz Machaj - who will deal with the relationship between entrepreneurs and the state; Dr. Arkadiusz Sieroń - who will reflect on the role of entrepreneurship in creating and balancing income and property inequalities; Łukasz Jasiński - who will look at how entrepreneurs can try to solve the problems of modern health care.

The convention has the status of a scientific conference.

The cost of participation is 30 zł (the fee covers the cost of dinner); The number of places is limited.

Until September 24, please fill in the application form here.

The event page on Facebook can be found here.