Instituto OMG invites you to attend the First International Congress on Legal Strategy (CIEL).

CIEL is a forum that seeks to bring together international experts from the academic and professional community in the areas of Law, Administration, Economics, and Business to discuss and share experiences and knowledge regarding the concept of Legal Strategy. Legal Strategy is a tool to navigate the available legal framework, and promotes the use of multidisciplinary knowledge to identify, generate, and capture legal advantages, and design a timely execution that allows organizations to satisfy the business objectives of clients in the most efficient way.

The main objective of the Congress is to encourage research and the generation of knowledge in the field of Legal Strategy, as well as to promote critical analysis, innovative thinking, and the generation of proposals for new methods and analysis tools.

Instituto OMG invites researchers and young professionals to participate in the call for papers for presentation at the Congress. The papers presented should discuss "The use of the legal environment as a tool for achieving business goals" within the following sub-themes or topics:

  • Design and implementation of strategic legal business strategy 
  • Legal Intelligence companies
  • Management of legal risks

Attendees selected as finalists for their papers will attend without having to pay the participation fee (US$700) to present their research at the Congress. 

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