Supported by Atlas Network’s Start-up Grant, Liberal Forum from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is set to organize five debates on important issues in country as a part of “Advancing Liberty through Dialog” project. These debates will gather academics, experts and activists in order to pursue classically liberal and pro-free market points of view. The first of these debates will be held on September 27, 2017 in Tuzla.

The event will host a discussion on ideologies of liberalism and social democracy and their influence on the current position of the country. Awaiting the general elections of 2018, Liberal Forum will gather university lecturers Dr. Dzeneta Omerdic from Faculty of Law, Dr Damir Arsenijevic from Faculty of Philosophy and MSc Admir Cavalic from Faculty of Economics as well as Mr Danijal Hadzovic, Executive Director of Liberal Forum.

In partnership with International Business and IT Academy in Tuzla, the event will be held at hotel Tehnograd in Tuzla on September 27, 2017 at 6 P.M. The next event will be held in Sarajevo and it will see a discussion on Islam and liberty.