Join Atlas Network for a reception on Thursday, September 14 at The Princeton Club of New York on the defining debate of our time on economic mobility and inequality and how the culture and policy environment for entrepreneurship affects these crucial issues. This reception will feature Gonzalo Schwarz of the Archbridge Institute.

The Archbridge Institute's mission is to lift barriers to income mobility and ensure everyone has the opportunity to climb the ladder of success. Entrepreneurship is a key pathway to upward mobility, but not everyone has access to the first rung of that ladder. Regulatory and policy barriers are unfair to everyone, but are especially devastating to those already in poverty. Come to learn about what barriers stand in the way of success and what you can do to help make sure everyone has a fair chance at upward economic mobility.


Gonzalo Schwarz is the founder and president of the Archbridge Institute. His research interests are economic mobility, economic development and monetary policy. He was until recently the director of Strategic Initiatives at Atlas Network. He holds an MA in economics from George Mason University and a BA in economics from the Catholic University of Bolivia. He has lived in five countries throughout his life, including Uruguay, Israel, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the United States. Gonzalo lives in Dumfries, Virginia with his wife Stephanie and two kids.

Dress Code

Business Casual