LIMS Leaders’ Academy (LLA) is an economic capacity building program of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS), which is offered to staff and activists of political parties. LLA is a unique four-stage program that is focused on the market economy

The one-year program began in February 2018, having since hosted the LLA101 workshop (which had 80 participants) and the LLA201 online platform. This July, they will be hosting LLA301.

LLA301 Shaping Public Policy is a two-day workshop on how to produce a free market policy proposition. The workshop is designed to provide participants with necessary tools and skills needed to write a solid policy paper on the topic of their choice. It is followed by a two-month tutoring process enabling participants to produce a policy paper that would serve their political party.

This year's edition hosts 28 activists from the 10 major political parties who have committed to the program and completed LLA101 and LLA201:

Future Movement

Currently headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri. The Leading Sunni party currently has 21 members in parliament.

Amal Movement

Amal Movement, a leading Shiaa’ party , is headed by the speaker of the house Mr. Nabih Berri. They currently have Sixteen parliament member.

Lebanese Forces
A leading Christian party with 15 parliamentary seats.

Progressive Socialist Party

The leading Druze party headed by Mr. Walid Jumblatt, currently has 9 seats in the parliament.

Marada Movement

Led by the loosing candidate to the last presidential election Mr. Suleiman Frangieh, currently has 7 seats in the parliament

Azm Movement

Azm Movement, Led by former Prime Minister Najib Miqati, is the second largest Sunni party in Lebanon currently holding four seats in the parliament.

Lebanese Kataeb Party

Currently headed by MP Sami Gemayel, the party currently has 3 members in parliament and is a main opposition of the current government.

National Liberal Party

NLP is a Christian party founded in 1958 by president Camille Chamoun. It is now headed by his son Mr. Dory Chamoun.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Lebanon – Tashnag

Tashnag is the biggest Armenian political party in Lebanon, currently having 3 MPs and headed by MP Hagop Pakradouni.

G. Ashraf Rifi Movement
G. Rifi movement has been gaining increasing support for the past two years. The movement achieved spectacular results during the last municipality elections in Tripoli.


Dr. Mazen Derawan, lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of the largest meat processing factory in the Middle East and of a residential construction business in Chicago, USA;

Dr. Omar Al Ubaydli, Program Director for International and Geo-Political Studies at the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies, and affiliated associate professor of economics at George Mason University;

Dr. Zineb Benalla, international expert and consultant in CVE, PVE, CT, good governance, rule of law, democratic transition and peace-building;

Mr. Majdi Aref, policy analyst at the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies - LIMS