Join Atlas Network on Thursday, May 4 in New York City for a luncheon featuring Sarita Sapkota of the Samriddhi Foundation in Nepal. Sarita will address what has happened in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of 2015, the current political conditions in the country and what Samriddhi is doing to contribute to the rebuilding process. 

In light of a new constituion and ongoing efforts to adopt a Federal system of government, Samriddhi is working to guide the debate in a direction that will lead to a free and prosperous Nepal. 

The mission of Samriddhi Foundation is to promote ideas of freedom (civil, political, and economic) through public policy recommendations (based on independent research), educational programs, and public participation for a free and prosperous Nepal.

Major programs for this organization include: Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur; Global Entrepreneurship Week in Nepal; Campaign for a Livable Nepal.


Sarita Sapkota is Research and Communication Advisor at Samriddhi Foundation, an economic policy think tank based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

She joined Samriddhi in 2010 and worked in different roles inside the organization before managing its Research and Communication efforts since 2014. She is currently a Fulbright scholar at George Washington University on a Master in Public Policy (MPP) program and continues to works with the team in Kathmandu from Washington, D.C to help Samriddhi produce quality research and reach its stakeholders effectively.

Dress Code

Business Casual