Organized by the Nkafu Policy Institute, the Nelson Mandela Memorial Forum will be held on July 17, 2018, at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation headquarters in Yaounde, Cameroon.

This year’s conference comes in a rather critical context of insecurity, informed by the Anglophone crisis and the rise of secessionist ideology and separatist violence, as well as a debate on what ‘living together” entails, given the resurgence of ethno-identity speeches and tribalism. The conference this year also has an unusual point which is the institutionalization of the Nelson Mandela Memorial Award to recognize an individual whom by virtue of his/her actions exemplifies the character and commitment to human rights as espoused and practiced by Mandela. The day will be characterized by two themes:

“Nelson Mandela’s Legacy – What lessons for Cameroon regarding Identity and Nationhood?”

– What explains the rise of ethnic and tribal discourse in Cameroon?

– What are the dangers of the tribal and ethnic discourses in Cameroon and how do these relate to the policy of apartheid?

–  How do we prevent ethnocentric and tribal discourse?

– What can the commission for bilingualism and multiculturalism do?


“Resolving major conflicts – How can Cameroon benefit from South Africa’s Experience?”

– Which institutions are adequate for a better way out of the crisis?

– What crisis exit mechanisms to adopt?

– How do we bring about reconciliation and restore confidence in the system?

– What do we mean by dialogue?



The conference will be an opportunity to find why some government reforms are not always successful in the two North West and South West regions and try a solution to address the issues. 

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Panel I

Michael Ndobegang, Associate Professor, University of Yaoundé I,

Ibrahim Mouiche, Professor, University of Yaoundé II,

Manga Kalniga José, PhD, Researcher at Centre National d’ Éducation, (tbc)

Armand Leka Essomba, PhD, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Yaoundé I,


Panel II

Mimi Mefo, News Anchor and Senior Investigative Journalist, Equinoxe Television

Elisabeth Tamajong, Associate Professor

Emmanuel Pondi, Professor and Vice Rector

Willibroad Dze-Ngwa, Associate Professor, University of Yaoundé I