National Review Institute (NRI) invites you to attend its 2017 Ideas Summit.

This biennial summit builds upon NRI’s rich tradition of in-person intellectual engagement, bringing together today’s most influential thinkers and strengthening the conservative movement William F. Buckley Jr. helped establish. NRI invites you to join it for what promises to be a productive and uplifting summit.

Since 1993, NRI has hosted several major post-election Summits, where leading policy makers and scholars gather for conversations and presentations. In 2015, NRI introduced a new format, featuring optimistic speeches, one-on-one interviews, and in-depth panel discussions, while retaining key elements of previous Summits. The powerful and diverse lineup of speakers represented the very best that the conservative movement has to offer and provided insightful, forward-looking ideas to all in attendance. 

This year’s Summit will build on the momentum from the 2015 Ideas Summit with great energy, media coverage, and the new format NRI introduced then. In the spirit of Bill Buckley, participants in the 2017 Summit will diagnose the current challenges facing our nation and proffer practical solutions for building bridges, sparking productive conversations, making amends, and forging a path forward for conservatism.