Wondrous technological, political, and cultural change has occurred over these past 55 years–even if man himself has changed little if at all.  Rapid economic globalization lifted nearly everyone from poverty, while thrusting many people into a  state of angst and confusion.  The digital revolution put all the knowledge known to man into the palm of the hands of Third World tribesmen, while Ivy League professors seemingly lost Western Civilization’s storehouse of wisdom.  Looking ahead, the transhumanist movement seeks to harness science and biotechnology to accelerate the evolution of human capabilities, with hopes of transcending even the boundary of death.  Many fear that artificial intelligence threatens to leave humans without meaningful work to engage them in their walk through the world.  Money, once the stuff of hard metal, then fiat paper, is rapidly becoming little more than digital signals.  With so many strange and new issues affecting culture, economics, and politics, we seek to explore how conservatives can most effectively engage in bringing the time-tested principles of ordered liberty to bear in shaping a free and humane future.


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