From the surging popularity of socialist politicians to the rise of dictators and extremists around the world, the big government goliath seems to be growing all the time. The mainstream media and politicians want you to think this is inevitable. But is there reason for hope for friends of liberty? Noted Fox News journalist John Stossel sure thinks so, because he follows the work Atlas Network partners fighting for freedom around the world. 

Can the experiences of think tanks and market reformers around the globe be good for America? What can we learn from free-market reformers fighting in places like Venezuela, Afghanistan, and India? 

Come join John Stossel and Atlas Network to hear the stories the mainstream media does not want you to hear, stories of courage against incredible odds. Come learn more about why the global struggle for liberty is so important and how we are fighting back.

The cost of this event is $25 per ticket.


John Stossel joined Fox Business Network (FBN) in 2009. He is the host of "Stossel", a weekly program highlighting current consumer issues with a libertarian viewpoint. Stossel also appears regularly on Fox News Channel (FNC) providing signature analysis. 

Prior to joining FBN, Stossel co-anchored ABC’s primetime newsmagazine show, "20/20." There, he contributed in-depth special reports and recurring segments on a variety of consumer topics, from pop culture to government and business. His "John Stossel specials" asked tough questions facing Americans today: "Sick in America" delved into the debate between private vs. government health care; "Stupid in America" exposed the government school monopoly; "John Stossel Goes to Washington" revealed government growth under both parties, while "Hype" exposed media distortions.

Stossel’s economic programs have been adapted into teaching kits by a non-profit organization, "Stossel in the Classroom." High school teachers in American public schools now use the videos to help educate their students on economics and economic freedom. They are seen by more than 12 million students every year. Stossel has received 19 Emmy Awards and has been honored five times for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club. Other honors include the George Polk Award for Outstanding Local Reporting and the George Foster Peabody Award. The Dallas Morning News named him the "the most consistently thought- provoking TV reporter of our time" and the Orlando Sentinel said he "has the gift for entertaining while saying something profound."

Earlier in his career, Stossel served as consumer editor for "Good Morning America" and as a reporter at WCBS-TV in New York City. His first job in journalism was as a researcher for KGW-TV (NBC) in Portland, Ore.

Stossel is a graduate of Princeton University, with a B.A. in psychology.
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