Brasilia is the mark of the Brazilian State. The State Conference comes with its firmness and its name in the deconstruction of a State, in search of truly libertarian ideas, with the smallest State and greater freedom! That is the SFL Brazil cause and its motivation. For a free world, the Federal District presents: LibertyXP, the Students for Liberty Brazil State Conference.

The Federal District will shake up the biggest Libertarian Conference that has ever happened in Brasilia. Come join!

The State Conferences, under the banner of Students for Liberty Brazil, are a unique set of events in that they are designed, planned, and executed by our student leaders. These events provide a unique opportunity for liberal students, unlike any other university campus today.

Participants will have the opportunity to draw inspiration from distinguished speakers, develop the skills needed to promote freedom, and leave with the tools and motivation to make their campuses and the world a freer place.