Smock Media will be hosting its 3rd annual seminar series, The Mindful Editor. This is a golden opportunity for young filmmakers to get hands-on experience and to a conscious perspective on fillmmaking in the liberty movement.

This free editing workshop in partnership between the Moving Picture Institute and Smock Media is designed for working filmmakers and post-production professionals. The seminar takes place in Los Angeles from April 18 - 22, 2018.

Directed by filmmaker Adam Hawk Jensen (Hawk), this immersive seminar will teach advanced holistic editing techniques to seasoned editors and directors. Featuring top industry professionals, the experience will focus on reaching wide audiences by appealing to empathy in narratives and documentaries, while reducing the creative burnout that comes with editors and creatives’ demanding schedules.

This exclusive and intimate seminar will include: an introduction to mindfulness and its use during the editorial process; engaging lectures on targeting your audience and podular editing; a hands-on opportunity to apply your skills on a shared film project using dedicated professional

Thanks to the generosity of Moving Picture Institute supporters, Smock Media is able to make “The Mindful Editor” as accessible as possible. The seminar tuition (and travel and lodging for those out of town) is free for you.

Their primary goal is to help pro-freedom filmmakers and post-production professionals connect with their audiences through every frame. Additionally, Smock Media wants to help this network build a robust support community – all while gaining a new appreciation for the unsung hero of filmmaking, the editor.

The Seminar Will Include

●  A presentation on mindfulness techniques exploring it as a tool to aid in “invisible” editing, as well as, a method to take care of oneself to prevent burnout.

●  A presentation and discussion on best practices for targeting your intended audience demographic.

●  Roundtable discussions with various award winning professional editors and directors about the craft of filmmaking.

●  Access to your own professional edit bay working in teams of two on fresh Smock material, cutting for a specific target audience.

●  Dedicated editing time working on the previously shot material to achieve a final short with close support and collaboration with onsite advisor editors.

●  Opportunities to connect and bond with a great group of colleagues and amazing filmmakers so we can get to the next level of post-production together.