South Africa's Growth and Hope for the Future

Join Atlas Network for a supporters-only luncheon featuring Garreth Bloor of the Independent Entrepreneurship Group (Ineng) on recent reforms in South Africa and plans for the future. 

Ineng is based in Cape Town, South Africa is a non-profit association created to promote public policies that enable entrepreneurship. Its vision is to build a prosperous South Africa where people can easily start businesses and create wealth for themselves, their families and their communities. Visit the website at

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Garreth Bloor has been involved in the think tank movement for close on a decade, with experience covering politics and real world entrepreneurship. At 19 Bloor attended his first Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) meeting and since launched a think tank, held executive office and became the youngest ever elected member of the MPS. The practical application of his work in government has included the repeal of over 300 old policies and by-laws in the City of Cape Town where he has been an executive member of the city-region government since 2013, having first been elected in 2011 at the age of 23. Under his watch the value of building plans approved in the local government jumped 46% in a city of four million people.

In 2013 he was offered a safe seat in the National Parliament of South Africa by the Official Opposition but chose to remain in the city executive focused on Cape Town, citing the principles of decentralization and the increasing importance of cities in an age where the nation-state has been a predominant force for centralization. 

In 2008 he founded The Enterprise Forum at the University of Cape Town. The umbrella group launched Students In Free Enterprise, guest lectures and the general promotion of market-driven solutions through practical programs, a number of which received national recognition and awards. The Forum today runs as the Independent Entrepreneurship Group, with their flagship program, Entrepreneurs in Public Policy.

As an Earhart fellow, Bloor’s research has focused on the relationship between morality and markets, with his current dissertation considering a theory of first principles for the formulation of just public policy, in light of an Austrian understanding of entrepreneurship and the process of economic growth.

Bloor has served on the faculty of Acton University, is a member of the University of Cape Town’s board and research committee, and has made inputs to policy in the United States and South Africa.

Before entering formal politics he spent over a year at university working with two start-up firms running between Silicon Valley and Cape Town; he raised funds and coordinated operations. MyStartUp SA selected him as one of 13 top entrepreneurial minds under 40 in South Africa.

St. Gallen University, Switzerland, named Garreth one of the 100 Young Leaders of Tomorrow at their annual Symposium in May 2014, while Antigua Forum in Latin America has designated Bloor a Future Disruptor, “young people who are on a trajectory to make a big difference in the world”.