The Startup Societies Foundation is hosting a Summit at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia to discuss how special jurisdictions, blockchain technology and green infrastructure will rebuild Puerto Rico. The event goal is creating partnerships that will establish startup cities benefiting all Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Rico, which is home to 3.4 million Americans, was devestated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. The Summit will help rebuild Puerto Rico through developing an international consortium to establish sustainable “startup cities” in Puerto Rico. The consortium will include investors, blockchain leaders, green tech entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers, legal experts, and SEZ (Special Economic Zone) developers. The Startup Societies Foundation intends for the consortium to develop a proposal and execute it. This conference is the call to action to rebuild.

In order to rebuild, Puerto Rico could equip communities with renewable energy and telecommunications infrastructure, such as solar panels, solar cells, water filters, mesh networks, hydroponics farming, and fiber optic cables can empower Puerto Ricans. The goal is to make these communities self-sustaining and focused on 21st Century solutions, putting Puerto Rico at the forefront of the green tech revolution.