Schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

      Saturday, February 10, 2018      
8:00 Registration   
9:00 Speed Networking  
  An Atlas Network tradition! Begin the Asia Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement in a fast-paced "speed dating" format.  
  Moderator: Stephanie Lips (Atlas Network, USA)  
9:45 Welcome Remarks   
  Master of Ceremonies: Anthea Haryoko (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)  
  • Brad Lips (Atlas Network, USA)
  • Saidah Sakwan (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
10:00 Cornerstone Talks Part 1  
  This first Cornerstone Talk session of the Asia Liberty Forum sets the tone for the conference as it is about liberty in Asia. Speakers will share what is happening in a particular project, in their institute, or in their country. The perspective of this session is broad enough to inspire a broad range of discussions.   
  Moderator: Terry Kibbe (Free the People, USA)  
  • Hizkia Respatiadi on CIPS’ Campaign for Affordable Food in Indonesia (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
  • Razeen Sally on Freedom in Sri Lanka (LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore)
  • Eunhee Park on the Joy of Freedom (Teach North Korean Refugees, South Korea)
  • Amartuvshin Dorj on the Mises Institute in Mongolia (Mises-Mongolia NGO, Mongolia)
  • Barun Mitra on the Revival of Liberalism (Liberty Institute, India)
11:15 Break  
11:30 Keynote address by Suraj Vaidya president of SAARC   
  Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Samriddhi  
  Foundation Nepal.   
  Free trade is not a concern of protectionist governments across the globe. As chairman of the regional chamber of commerce and industry, Mr. Suraj Vaidya is witnessing the effects of these policies on businesses in South Asia. Meanwhile, as Chairman of the Samriddhi Foundation he also spearheads the fight for economic reforms in Nepal. In his keynote address, Mr. Vaidya will share his perspectives from both positions. Following the address, Dr. Ronald Meinardus (Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, India) will conduct and interview.   
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 Crowdsource Liberty  
  Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference! Crowdsource Liberty is an open-space workshop to discuss different project ideas across Asia.  
  Facilitator: Manali Shah (Independent Facilitator, India)  
15:00 Crowdsource Liberty Wrap-Up Interviews  
  Facilitator: Manali Shah (Independent Facilitator, India)  
15:30 Break  
16:00 Introduction of Guest of Honor and Keynote Address  
  by Chatib Basri, Former Minister of Finance of    
  Indonesia on Policy Reforms in an Imperfect World  
  Moderator: Rainer Heufers (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)  
  According to former Indonesian Finance Minister Chatib Basri, economic theory provides the theoretical framework to explain why reform must be undertaken. But, economic theory does not provide much advice on how it should be implemented or how to ensure that reforms are workable and successful. In his keynote address, former Finance Minister Chatib Basri will share the experiences of implementing reforms within the existing political and institutional constraints in Indonesia.  
17:15 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition  
  Watch live how think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges! The winner will be announced during Asia Freedom Dinner on 11 February.  
  Moderator: Brad Lips (Atlas Network, USA)  
  • Chatib Basri (Former Minister of Finance, Indonesia)
  • Siegfried Herzog (Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Thailand)
  • Terry Kibbe (Free the People, USA)
  • Razeen Sally (LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore) 
  • Linda Whetstone (Atlas Network, Great Britain)
  Think Tank Shark Tank Contestants:  
  • Dhananath Fernando (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • Sarwagya Raj Pandey (Bikalpa, an Alternative, Nepal)
  • Rofi Uddarojat (, Indonesia)
18:00 Elevator Pitch Competition  
  You will be the judge for at the Asia Liberty Forum Elevator Pitch competition! Atlas Network training participants will each have just sixty seconds to persuade you of the importance of their work to promote liberty.   
  Moderator: Lawson Bader (DonorsTrust, USA)  
19:00 Networking Night  
  Location: Face Bar (Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.85, Menteng,  Jakarta Pusat)  
  New city, new people! Play some fun games to relax and get to know the other participants. Winners are even awarded with several small prizes! Enjoy the evening in one of the most famous bars in Jakarta, Face Bar. Located just at a 5 minutes walking distance from the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta. Finger food will be provided. Drinks are on your own.  
  Sunday, February 11, 2018  
8:00 Think Tank CEO Breakfast (by invite only)  
9:00  Cornerstone Talks Part 2  
  Our second session features another round of five Cornerstone Talks, this time on education policy and the future of learning. Again, there will be no Q&A but discussions will continue during the Asia Liberty Forum.  
  Moderator: Daniel Green (Templeton Religion Trust, Bahamas)  
  • Rainer Heufers on Edtech Solutions and the Future of Learning (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
  • Neil D'Souza on Introducing Education Technology in Indian Low-cost Private Schools (Zaya Learning Labs, India)
  • Nila Tanzil on Building Children Libraries in Remote Areas of Eastern Indonesia (Taman Bacaan Pelangi)
  • Mohammad Khalid Ramizy on Education Policy Reforms in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, Afghanistan)
  • Rohan Joshi on Scaling up Quality Education in Low Fee Private Schools in South Asia (Independent Education and Public Policy Advisor, India)
10:00 The Ease of Doing Business Index  
  Many Asian partners of the Atlas Network are seeking economic reforms that improve the ranking of their countries in the Ease of Doing Business index. Listen to the experiences of three think tanks that have either just started a project or already brought it to a successful conclusion!    
  Moderator: Elisa Bishop (Atlas Network, USA)  
  • Parth Shah (Centre for Civil Society, India)
  • Deependra Chaulagain (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal)
  • Novani Karina Saputri (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
10:45 Break  
11:15 Concurrent Workshops on Property Rights Reforms  
  The formal right to own property is the foundation stone of a social order with equal rights and institutions that ensure a just and peaceful competition for economic resources. In three parallel breakout session, think tanks are sharing their experiences with reform initiatives that seek to give individuals the exclusive authority to determine how to use their own resources. These workshops are generously sponsored by the Property Rights Alliance.  
  A) Technological Solutions for the Protection of Property Rights  
  Land rights are the core asset of many low-income households. Yet, poor people often struggle to have their rights recognized and recorded. This session discusses how modern technologies, like the Geographical Positioning System and blockchain technology, may help.    
  Moderator: Barun Mitra (Liberty Institute, India)  
  • Baladevan Rangaraju (India Institute, India)
  • Ambrish Mehta (Action Research in Community Health and Development, India)
  B) Property Rights for Prosperity  
  Property rights allow people to acquire property and to invest in capital goods that will improve their future lives and make production easier, writes Eamonn Butler in “Foundations of a Free Society”. He will elaborate on that, while Lorenzo Montanari gives an introduction to the International Property Rights Index, which measures physical and intellectual property rights as well as the legal and political environment in 127 countries.  
  Moderator: Ayesha Bilal (PRIME Institute, Pakistan)  
  • Eamonn Butler (Adam Smith Institute, Great Britain)
  • Lorenzo Montanari (Property Rights Aliance, USA)
  C) Intellectual Property Rights  
  What is true for physical property also applies to intellectual property but the protection of ideas becomes a complex and difficult task in modern societies that center around data and information management. This session introduces the specific project of IDEAS in Malaysia but it also addresses fundamental questions regarding the protection of intellectual property rights.   
  Moderator: Cris Lingle (Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala)  
  • Ali Salman (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Malaysia)
  • Siegfried Herzog (Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Thailand)
12:30 Lunch with presentation of the Asia Liberty Award   
  Moderator: Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network, USA)  
  • Mohammad Khalid Ramizy (Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, Afghanistan)
  • Akash Shrestha (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal)
  • Casey Lartigue (Teach North Korean Refugees, South Korea)
14:10 What Does it Take to Start a Think Tank?  
  Future think tank founders listen up! Dr. Tom Palmer is the George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty and the Executive Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Network. Being an icon of the global freedom movement he has seen the start of countless think tanks all over the world. Dr. Palmer will share his views of what it takes for an intellectual entrepreneur to start a public policy think tank.  
  Speaker: Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network, USA)  
14:30 Let's Talk Business!  
  Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising! A think tank leader needs to ensure that salaries and bills are being paid in time. Are grants and donations really the only way to achieve that? Let’s hear from experts on what else can be done! What can be learned from experiences in the business world? What has worked and what not? This session is sponsored by the Acton Institute.  
  Moderator: Rainer Heufers (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)  
  • Ayesha Bilal (PRIME Institute, Pakistan)
  • Robin Sitoula (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal)
  • Gulmira Aidaralieva (Central Asian Free Market Institute, Kyrgyzstan)
  • Juergen Keitel (Air Asia, Malaysia)
  • Wan Saiful Wan Jan (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Malaysia)
15:30 Break  
16:00 Concurrent Workshops on Entrepreneurship and  
  Economic Growth  
  An economy can be regarded as healthy when there are large numbers of businesses that start and vanish every year. It indicates that ideas are being dismissed or followed through, while resources are being reallocated and put to better use. This session explores think tank projects in this field of public policy.  These workshops are generously sponsored by Uber Indonesia.  
  A) Supporting Micro-Enterprises  
  Micro-enterprises often face severe market entry barriers, which make it hard for them to grow or to even exist. Rickshaw drivers in Biratnagar/Nepal got support from the local think tank Bikalpa, while Haqdarshak provides micro-enterprises in India with mobile and web technology platforms to develop their businesses.   
  Moderator: Baishali Bomjan (India)  
  • Aniket Doeger (Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Pvt Ltd, India)
  • Basanta Adhikari (Bikalpa, an Alternative, Nepal)
  B) Entrepreneurship in E-Commerce  
  E-commerce stands for a world of entrepreneurial opportunities with low transaction costs and very short time-to-market cycles. In a country like Indonesia this gives women and young people new access to economic opportunities. Uber Entrepreneur celebrates Uber drive-partners who drive and also run their own businesses.   
  Moderator: Sugianto Tandra (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)  
  • Joanna Octavia (Uber Indonesia)
  • Adinda Tenriangke Muchtar (, Indonesia)
  C) State-owned Enterprise Reforms  
  How do state-owned enterprises (SOE) fit into a session on entrepreneurship? Well, short of the privatization of these behemoths, it does take a lot of entrepreneurship to turn them into functioning corporations. Both, the Unirule Institute in Beiing and Advocata in Colombo, have run outstanding campaigns addressing their national SOEs.   
  Moderator: Manali Shah (Independent Facilitator, India)  
  • Ravi Ratanasabapathy (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • Ma Junjie (Unirule Institute of Economics, China)
17:15 Break  
18:00 General Reception  
19:00  Asia Freedom Dinner   
  This gala dinner will feature a keynote address by KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, General Secretary of Nahdlatul Ulama Supreme Council, the announcements of winners of the 2018 Asia Liberty Award winner, Think Tank Shark Tank, and Elevator Pitch Competition. CIPS will also announce the launch of their book 12 Indonesian Dreams.