Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

  Thursday, March 12, 2020  
8:00 Registration  
9:00 Welcome & Introductory Remarks  
  • Matt Warner (Atlas Network, United States)
  • Calixto Chikiamco (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines)
9:15   Cornerstone Talks  
  Explore the ideas of liberty in Asia as we set the tone during the first session of Asia Liberty Forum. You’ll be inspired by speakers who are leading exciting projects around the continent. Bring your perspective to the discussion, and engage with others who are also working for change.  
  Moderator: Vale Sloane (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Robin Sitoula (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal)
  • Anuki Premachandra (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • George Katigbak (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines)
  • Rene Sanapo (The Asia Foundation, Philippines)
10:00   Crowdsource Networking  
  Make new friends in the freedom movement in a group gathering format! This will be the group you connect and build relationships with during the conference.  
11:15 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Empowering Women Entrepreneurs  
  Women are leading the way in entrepreneurship and business in Asia and around the world. Join our discussion to hear from leaders who will explore strategies, methods, and personal experiences they’ve employed that are helping women succeed.  
  Moderator: Casey Pifer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Anuki Premachandra (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • Anthea Haryoko (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
  B) Working for Peace, Tolerance, and Inclusivity  
  Now, more than ever, working for a better tomorrow requires a closer dialogue with people and neighbors who haven’t historically agreed with each other. How can working for a more peaceful world lead to better outcomes and an improvement in human life for everyone?  
  Moderator: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Bhakti Patil (Centre for Civil Society, India)
  • Mohammad Khalid Ramizy (Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, Afghanistan)
  • Ali Salman (IDEAS and Islam & Liberty Network, Malaysia)
12:30 Think Tank Shark Tank Luncheon  
  Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges!  
  Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Contestants: Prashant Narang (Centre for Civil Society, India) • Akash Shrestha (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal) • Casey Russell (New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, New Zealand)  
  Judges: Simon Paterno (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines) • Wolfgang Heinze (Friedrich Naumann Foundationh, Philippines) • Carl Revillo (Kellogg Company, Philippines)  
14:00 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Poverty and Freedom  
  Think tanks are playing a critical role in achieving economic freedom and prosperity all over the world, providing a compelling alternative to traditional development efforts that have disappointed to date. Hear from think tank leaders and development experts about the latest examples of alternatives to  aid strategies are succeeding.  
  Moderator: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Sixit Bhatta (Tootle, Nepal)
  • Zubair Ahmed (AddtoGoogle Services, India)
  • Deependra Chaulagain (Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal)
  • Yaitsh Rajawat (Center for Civil Society, India)
  B) Obstacles to Free Trade in Asia  
  What will trade in Asia look like in five, ten, or twenty years? Join us for a discussion on the institutional barriers to trade within and outside Asia and what can be done to improve the free movement of goods.  
  Moderator: Dr. Najmul Hossain (Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Bangladesh)  
  • Dindo Manhit (Stratbase Group, Philippines)
  • Dr. Sarath Rajapatirana (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
15:30 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Creating Compelling Messages for Liberty  
  As a public policy leader, your work to promote individual liberty and free enterprise helps real people create better lives for themselves. But how do you convince those who don’t think like us that free markets are the answer? Hear from Prashant Narang and Basanta Adhikari on how to tell memorable stories that demonstrate the positive impact of your organization’s work and resonate with your intended audience.  
  Moderator: Austin Skiera (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Basanta Adhikari (Bikalpa, an Alternative, Nepal)
  • Prashant Narang (Centre for Civil Society, India)
  B) Emerging Markets in Asia  
  With many countries in Southeast Asia and the rest of the continent considered emerging markets, what are the next steps for these economies? Join us for a discussion on how trade, markets, politics, and technology growth can impact countries with high growth prospects  
  • Bryan Cheang (Adam Smith Center, Singapore)
  • Dinh Tuan Minh (Market Solutions Research Center for Social and Economic Issues, Vietnam)
  • Dr. Andreas Stoffers (Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Vietnam)
18:00 General Reception  
19:00 Asia Liberty Awards Dinner  
  Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Keynote Speaker: Dr. Raul Fabella (University of the Philippines, Philippines) on "The Rule of Law, Growth, and Inclusion".  
  Friday, March 13, 2020  
7:45 Think Tank CEO & Board Member Breakfast (limited to CEO's or the equivalent in partner organizations, facilitated by Atlas Network staff)  
9:00 Think Tank Leadership Exchange  
  Facilitator: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States)  
  *1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit  
10:30 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Ask the Funders  
  What do investors in the liberty movement want to support? Learn directly from those who believe in your message and want to help. No pitches allowed, but bring your questions to refine how you can successfully present your work to win support from top foundations!  
  Moderator: Chad Goote (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Suraj Vaidya (Vaidya’s Organisation of Industries and Trading House, Nepal)
  • Isabelle Hirs-Schaller (Rising Tide Foundation, Switzerland)
  • Lawson Bader (Donors Trust, United States)
  B) Advancing Property Rights in Asia  
  Why are property rights essential? Join the discussion of how property rights can benefit marginalized communities and help create prosperity for all.  
  Moderator: Casey Pifer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Erwin Tiamson (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines) 
  • Barun Mitra (Independent Analyst and Activist, India)
11:45 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) The Founders at Work: Lessons from CEO’s & Think Tank Leaders  
  New free-market think tanks are conceived when an idea comes to mind and an entrepreneur gets to work making that dream a reality. But what does it really take to start and grow a free-market think tank in Asia? How do you find financial support and start building a track record? Sit down with think tank founders and learn what those first few years really looked like.  
  Moderator: Tarun Vats (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Rainer Heufers (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia)
  • Dhananath Fernando (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • Dr. Parth Shah (Centre for Civil Society, India)
  B) Transitioning to Greater Freedom  
  In countries where freedom is under attack, the path to success can be filled with roadblocks. Hear how others have kept the liberty movement alive in environments that are transitioning or striving for great freedom , staying optimistic despite obstacles.  
  • Simon Lee (Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong)
  • Larina Khodjabagyan (Vector of Reform Expert Council & Center for Free Enterprise, Uzbekistan)
  “Freedom in Practice” Side Table Discussion  
  Join Isabelle Hirs-Schaller for a side presentation of Rising Tide Foundation's new focus. Space is limited and only one attendee per organization is allowed. Please RSVP to  
1:00 Closing Luncheon - Asia Going Forward and the Role of Think Tanks   
  • Calixto Chikiamco (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines)