The Europe Liberty Forum meetings will take place at the Comwell Conference Center and attendees guest rooms are being held at the adjacent AC Hotel Bella Sky. Information and details on both are below. 

Europe Liberty Forum Conference Venue: 

Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen 
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark 
Tel.: +45 32 47 30 30

Europe Liberty Forum Hotel Reservations:

AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark 
Tel.: +45 32 47 30 00 
Learn more about the hotel here. 

Room rates at the AC Hotel Bella Sky are 1,450 DKK (about USD$245) for a single room and 1,650 DKK (about USD$280) for a double room. Room rates include breakfast.

Reservations must be provided to the hotel by Atlas Network. To make your room reservations, please email the following information to

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Organization:
  • Company:
  • Check in Date & Time:
  • Check out Date & Time:
  • Room Type: Single or Double (If requesting Double,  please provide # of guests and whether you will one one bed or two in the room.)

With unique architecture and boutique rooms, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen is a stylish destination for business or leisure. Explore the many attractions in nearby Copenhagen city center and enjoy convenient shuttle service to and from the airport. Relax in spacious rooms, featuring premium amenities, floor-to-ceiling windows and authentic Danish design elements. Release your tension at our 4-star spa and sip specialty cocktails. Start your morning with a hot buffet breakfast at BM Restaurant and punctuate an eventful day with delicious, locally-sourced fare at BASALT. Host intimate meetings and large events in the adjacent Bella Center and tackle timely projects in our on-site business center. With a gym, pool and complimentary Wi-Fi, our hotel offers an exceptional lodging experience, amid the very best of Copenhagen.

This designer hotel is an integrated part of Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen where the Europe Liberty Forum meetings will take place


Travel to Copenhagen

Wondering how you'll get to Europe Liberty Forum? Click here to view various transportation options to the Copenhagen. 


Things To See and Do

Copenhagen is a safe place to walk around, but as with any other major city, be aware of pickpockets and keep an eye on your belongings in public transportation. 



The average weather in May is between 45°F and 65°F. This time of year can be rainy, so bring your umbrella just in case. 


Local Currency

The Danish currency is called “Kroner” (DKK). 1 USD is approximately 6 DKK and 1 Euro is approximately 7.5 DKK. You can pay with international credit cards almost everywhere in Copenhagen and always at hotels.

You will find that some shops, hotels and restaurants, particularly in the larger cities, will display prices in both Danish kroner and Euros and many are likely to accept payment in Euros. However, as the official currency is Danish kroner no establishment is obliged to accept payment in any other currency. It is advisable to check prior to making a purchase, or having a meal, if you wish to pay in anything other than Danish kroner.

The prices are similar to the rest of Northern Europe.


Taxi and Transportation Tips

Taxis are relatively expensive and Uber has been banned in Copenhagen. However, a taxi from the airport and hotel venue will not cost more than 20 euros as the location is close to the airport. It is not customary to tip taxi drivers. 

You can also take the train to Ørestad St. directly from the airport.

There is also a metro link from the airport but this will take much longer as you have to transfer downtown. Getting from the venue to downtown Copenhagen is very easy by metro.