Budapest Day Tour - hosted by Atlas Network, pre-event

Our tour begins in the lobby of the Hotel Sofitel, where we will board a bus first to the House of Terror Museum for a tour through some of Hungary’s political past.  After the tour, we will make our way down to Heroes' Square, the largest and most impressive square in the city.  We’ll then make our way to a gastronomical lunch at Gundel’s. After lunch, we will take a peek inside of the Hungarian Parliament and learn about Hungary’s current political climate. We will finish our day at the Buda Castle, enjoying the fantastic vistas and grounds before heading back to the hotel. 

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017

Time: Depart Budapest Sofitel at 9:30 and return by 5:30 pm

Included:  Bus transport to and from the hotel, museum fees, lunch and all tax and gratuities.

Cost per person: $70 all-inclusive 

How to register: Click here,  press the green "tickets" button, and select the fourth ticket option "Budapest Day Tour"

Tour Highlights:

Heroes' Square

Laid out in 1896 to mark the thousandth anniversary of Hungary, Heroes' Square (Hősök tere) is the largest and most impressive square of the city. Located at the end of Andrássy Avenue and next to City Park, Heroes’ Square is one of the most visited sights in Budapest. Surrounded by two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Kunsthalle (Hall of Art) on the right, Heroes’ Square is also a station of the Millennium Underground.

House of Terror Museum

House of Terror is a museum located at Andrássy út 60 in Budapest, Hungary. It contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist regimes in 20th-century Hungary and is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building.

Lunch at Gundel

The name GUNDEL could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Károly Gundel refined the Hungarian cuisine and created delicious dishes of his own taste. 

Hungarian Parliament

The Parliament building, a magnificent example of Neo-Gothic architecture (although displaying Renaissance and Baroque characters too), is just over 100 years old. The building was inaugurated on the 1000th anniversary of Hungary in 1896, and fully completed in 1902. The Budapest Parliament building is the third largest Parliament building in the world, with 691 rooms and over 12 miles of stairs.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. It was first completed in 1265, but the massive Baroque palace today occupying most of the site was built between 1749 and 1769.  Buda Castle sits on the south tip of Castle Hill and is part of the Budapest World Heritage Site. 


Global Financial Summit Cruise - hosted by Mark and Jo Ann Skousen, post event

We are delighted to inform participants at Europe Liberty Forum of a remarkable opportunity to cruise the Danube River and explore the history and principles of Austrian Economics.  Hosted by Mark & Jo Ann Skousen, the producers of FreedomFest, the Global Financial Summit Cruise will sail from Budapest to Passau, Germany, just following our Europe Liberty Forum, during September 24 to October 1, 2017. 
To learn more and plan your trip on this separately-run Danube River Cruise, visit the Global Financial Summit Cruise website here.