Tuesday, May 29
8:00  Registration Opens


9:00 Speed Networking
  An Atlas Network tradition! Begin the Europe Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement in a fast-paced "speed dating" format.
9:45 Welcoming Remarks
  • Linda Whetstone, Atlas Network Board Chair
  • Bjørn Høi Jensen, CEPOS Board Chair
10:00   Cornerstone Talks
  This first session of the Europe Liberty Forum sets the tone for the conference as it is about liberty in Europe. Speakers will share what is happening in a particular project, in their institute, or in their country. The perspective of this session is broad enough to inspire a broad range of discussions. 
  Moderator: Elisa Bishop (Atlas Network, USA)
  • Martin Agerup (CEPOS, Denmark) on Inequality and Income Mobility
  • Brad Lips (Atlas Network, USA) on Doing Development Differently
  • Natalia Macyra (ECIPE, Belgium) on The Moral Imperative of Free Trade
  • Flemming Rose (Cato Institute, Denmark) on Freedom of Speech and its Illiberal Enemies
  • Nils Karlson (The Ratio Institute, Sweden) on Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Advanced Democracies
11:15 Consecutive Breakouts

A)  Scandinavian Liberalism

What is Nordic Liberalism? How does it manifest itself in what is often considered one of the most socialist/social democratic regions in the world? Our speakers from Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark will explain how their countries have become as rich as they are and outline how socialist they actually are today.

Moderator: Torben Mark Pedersen (LIBERTAS, Denmark)

Speakers: Hannes Gissurarson (University of Iceland, Iceland) • Karin Svanborg (Timbro, Sweden)  • Otto Brøns-Petersen (CEPOS, Denmark)

B) The Future of Work

The "gig economy" has afforded new employment opportunities to many people. However, there is a danger that governments will create a new 'welfare for gig workers' which will lead to new entitlements, employment mandates and may harm technological innovation. Do voluntary solutions to benefits that were effective in the past coupled with modern technology hold the key to maximizing flexibility and dynamism for workplace arrangements in the 21st century?

Moderator: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, USA)

Speakers: Dr. Christopher Lingle (Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala)  • John O'Connell (UK TaxPayers' Alliance, United Kingdom) • Nicolai Søndergård Kjær (Founder of Hilfr and Advisor Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, Denmark)

12:30 Lunch - Transatlantic Exchange: European and U.S. CEOs Talk Shop

Atlas Network's Matt Warner interviews a selection of think tank CEOs from both sides of the pond to get their insights on current events, think tank innovations, and the power of networking.

14:00 Crowdsource Liberty
  Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and exchange ideas where presenters are ready to discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference!
15:15 Afternoon Break
15:45 Crowdsource Liberty Wrap-Up Interviews
16:00 Interviews with Finalists for the Europe Liberty Award 2018
18:30 General Reception
19:30 Europe Liberty Awards Dinner
  Keynote Speaker: Robert Guest (The Economist, UK)
  Wednesday, May 30

Plenary Session: The State of European Liberalism


Dr. Tom Palmer will lead a discussion on the opportunities and threats in different countries so that we can highlight what think tanks are working to confront, and areas where they must get better.

Moderator: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, USA)

Speakers: Dr. Barbara Kolm (Austrian Economics Center, Austria) • Clemens Schneider (Prometheus, Germany) • Zoltán Kész (Free Market Foundation, Hungary)

10:00 Consecutive Breakouts

A) Business, Philanthropy, and Think Tanks

This session is a chance to engage business people who appreciate the work of think tanks in a discussion of how to foster more collaboration and support. 

Moderator: Lawson Bader (Donors Trust, USA) 

Speakers: Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae (Altia and BoConcept, Finland/Denmark) • Kerry Halferty Hardy (Institute for Economic Studies-Europe, France) • Kimon Sargeant (John Templeton Foundation, USA)

*1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit

B) Benchmarking Labor Reforms: We Had Their Curiosity, But Now We Have Their Attention

Labor market reforms are an uphill task for liberty-minded think-tanks. Debates are hard, and more often than not victories are rare. Measuring labor regulation can help us defend economic freedom. This session will introduce the Employment Flexibility Index and engage the audience in a discussion about revitalizing labor regulation indicators for better policy advocacy and about the opportunity for think-tanks in Europe to cooperate in achieving shared goals. Think-tanks will share effective communication and advocacy practices.

Moderator: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, USA)

Speakers: Alexander Skouras (KEFiM, Greece) • Zilvinas Silenas (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania) • Richard Durana (INESS, Slovakia)

*1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit

11:15 Consecutive Breakouts

A) Populism and Separatism 

A discussion of what’s behind separatist movements, and whether this skepticism of the EU is a healthy move toward accountable representative democracy - or sowing divisions that could undermine peace and prosperity on the continent. 

Moderator: Nils Karlson (The Ratio Institute, Sweden)

Speakers: Diego Sánchez de la Cruz (Foro Regulación Inteligente, Spain) • Maria Blanco (Universidad CEU-San Pablo, Spain)

B) Tax Policy

Mark Littlewood from IEA (UK) will discuss with three of the utmost experts in their field from the US, Sweden, and Denmark to discuss tax policy in their respective countries. Our experts will furthermore contemplate which reforms would benefit their countries the most and why these reforms are important.

Moderator: Mark Littlewood (IEA, United Kingdom)

Speakers: Mads Lundby Hansen (CEPOS, Denmark) • Jacob Lundberg (Timbro, Sweden) • Scott Hodge (Tax Foundation, United States)

12:30 Think Tank Shark Tank Lunch
  Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges! 

Master of Ceremonies: Terry Kibbe (Free the People, USA)

Judges: Amy Proulx (John Templeton Foundation, USA) • Jon Utley (Freda Utley Foundation, USA) • Lars Kolind (Denmark) • Linda Edwards (UK)

Contestants: Admir Čavalić (“Multi”, Bosnia and Herzegovina) • Maryan Zablotskyy (Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation, Ukraine) • Ratko Nikolić (Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies, Serbia)