Schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

  Thursday, May 9, 2019  
8:00 Registration  
9:00 Home Base Groups  

Begin the Europe Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement withour exciting new Home Base Groups! You'll be reconnecting with these individuals throughout the conference.

9:45 Welcome Remarks  
  • Linda Whetstone (Atlas Network, United States)
  • Alexander Skouras (KEFiM, Greece)
10:00 Cornerstone Talks  

This first session of the Europe Liberty Forum sets the tone for the conference as it is about liberty in Europe. Speakers will share what is happening in a particular project, in their institute, or in their country. The perspective of this session is broad enough to inspire a broad range of discussions. 

  Moderator: Casey Pifer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Adam Bartha (European Policy Information Center, Belgium) on “Political Realignment: Time for New Alliances?”
  • Roxana Nicula (Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad, Spain) on "Advancing Liberty in Times of Populism"
  • Roy Spencer (Conscious Capitalism, United States) on "Elevating humanity through business"
  • Aneta Vainė (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania) on "Unblindfolding Taxpayers"
  • Mark Littlewood (Institute of Economic Affairs, United Kingdom) on "Bad Stats and Fake News"
11:00 Break  
11:15 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Creating a Broader Movement for Liberty  

Our panelists will elaborate on how they've contributed to broadening the liberty movement in difficult operating environments, addressing reasons for optimism despite remaining roadblocks that still exist.

  Moderator: Erik Eppig (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Gregory Vallianatos (Liberal Alliance, Greece)
  • Mykhailo Lavrovskyi (Ukranian Students For Freedom, Ukraine)
  • Dr. Bican Şahin (Freedom Research Association, Turkey)
  • Vera Kichanova (Journalist, Russia)
  B) Successful Free Market Reforms  
  Atlas Network partners in Europe are at the forefront of leading free-market reforms, whether they occur in Nordic social democracies, former Soviet republics, or Western European countries. This discussion panel will showcase just a few of these stories from Denmark, Lithuania, and Spain while examining what challenges lay ahead in each and the systems they represent.  
  Moderator: Austin Skiera (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Martin Ågerup (Center for Political Studies, Denmark)
  • Juan Pina (Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad, Spain)
  • Asta Narmontė (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania)
12:45 Luncheon: Transatlantic Trade Exchange  
  Atlas Network's Matt Warner interviews a selection of think tank CEOs and experts from both sides of the pond to get their insights.  
  Moderator: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Robert Guest (The Economist, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Barbara Kolm (Austrian Center, Austria)
  • Michael Carnuccio (E Foundation for Oklahoma, United States)
  • Natalia Macyra (European Centre for International Political Economy, Belgium)
14:15 Crowdsource Liberty  

Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and exchange ideas where presenters are ready to discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference!

15:30 Break  
16:00 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Income Mobility and Inequality  
  This session will showcase the importance of engaging in the fields of social mobility and inequality. Speakers will discuss their work on these topics in their local contexts as well the importance of these issues for the battle of ideas and human flourishing more broadly.  
  Moderator: Gonzalo Schwarz (Archbridge Institute, United States)  
  • Ieva Valeskaite (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania)
  • Karin Svanborg-Sjövall (Timbro, Sweden)
  • Martin Ågerup (Center for Political Studies, Denmark)
  B) The Future of Property Rights in Europe  
  Why are property rights essential? What can be done to extend and improve property rights in Europe? Hear from organizations that have worked in the field of property rights advocacy.   
  Moderator: Melissa Mann (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Maryan Zablotskyy (Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation, Ukraine)
  • Andriy Shpakov (EasyBusiness, Ukraine)
  • Matija Gavrilović (Lipa, Croatia)
18:30 General Reception  
19:30   Europe Liberty Awards Dinner  
  Master of Ceremonies: Brad Lips (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Toast to Freedom: Professor Aristides Hatzis (University of Athens, Greece) on "The First Libertarian Piece of Literature, Written 2,440 years ago".  
  Friday, May 10, 2019  
8:00 CEO & Board Member Breakfast   
  Heads of partner organizations are welcome to attend.  
9:00 The State of European Liberalism in 2019  
  Dr. Tom Palmer will lead a discussion on the opportunities and threats in different countries so that we can highlight what think tanks are working to confront, and areas where they must get better.  
  Moderator: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Marek Tatala (Civil Development Forum, Poland)
  • Thomas Palermo (, France)
  • Kate Andrews (Institute of Economic Affairs. United Kingdom)
  • Tanja Porčnik (Visio Institut, Slovenia)
9:45 Break  
10:15 Consecutive Breakouts  
  A) Creating A Comprehensive Reform Agenda for Freedom & Prosperity  
  Winning the battle of ideas requires having a focused plan. Learn from Atlas Network partners on how they have formed and advanced various programs to accomplish this.  
  Moderator: Casey Pifer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Nicos Rompapas (KEFiM, Greece)
  • Aneta Vainė (Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Lithuania)
  • Mark Littlewood (Institute of Economic Affairs, United Kingdom)
  B) Creating New Opportunities for Tax Reform in Europe  

For the past 30 years, the left has dominated the narrative around tax policy in Europe enabling them to pass tax policy that harms Europeans economic and personal freedom. This session will take a strategic look at how policy organizations can change that narrative and create an environment where tax policies that enable individuals, businesses and countries to thrive can be adopted.

  Facilitator: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Scott Hodge (Tax Foundation, United States)
  • Adam Bartha (European Policy Information Center, Belgium)
  *1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit  
11:45 Consecutive Breakouts  
  A) Reaching Big Audiences  
  Join us for a discussion on how Atlas Network partners are reaching wider audiences employing 21st Century methods and how they are communicating free market ideas more effectively.   
  Moderator: Admir Čavalić (Association "Multi", Bosnia and Herzegovina)  
  • John Tillman (Illinois Policy Institute, United States)
  • Robert Chatfield (Free to Choose Network, United States)
  • Michael Iakovidis (Greek Liberties Monitor, Greece)
  • Alexander Skouras (KEFiM, Greece)
  B) Digital Europe  
  Join us for a discussion on how digital markets and technology intersect with public policy in Europe. What are some recent developments? How are businesses and startups dealing or adapting to these changes?  
  Moderator: Ratko Nikolic (Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies, Serbia)  
  • Massimiliano Trovato (Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy)
  • Juan A. Soto (Civismo, Spain)
  • Stoyan Panchev (Bulgarian Libertarian Society, Bulgaria)
1:00 Think Tank Shark Tank Lunch  

Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges! 

  Master of Ceremonies: Brad Lips (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Judges: Nikolaos Monoyios (Atlas Network, United States) •  Anastasios Spanidis (Generation Y Group, Greece) • Kathryn Washburn (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Contestants: Dmytro Lyvch (EasyBusiness, Ukraine) • Michael Iakovidis (Greek Liberties Monitor, Greece) • Nataliya Melnyk (Bendukidze Free Market Center, Ukraine)