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International student grantees compete for an annual award recognizing the best student-focused project for liberty. 

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The winner of the 2019 Smith Student Outreach Award and $3,000 prize was Students for Liberty Brazil for its Market Revolution project, a multi-pronged strategy aimed at changing the public’s opinion of entrepreneurship, as well as educating policymakers on the benefits of legislation that supports business growth and free markets.  To help younger Brazilians understand the dangers of overregulation, SFL Brazil hosted 40 events across the country, reaching more than 5,000 attendees and achieving significant media coverage.

2019 winner: Students for Liberty Brazil 

2018 winner: Ukrainian Students for Freedom

2017 winner: Instituto Atlantos 

2016 winner: Center for Free Market Enterprise (CFME)

2015 winner: European Students For Liberty

2014 winner: Association "Multi" - Bosnia and Herzegovina