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Atlas Network is excited to partner with the Fraser Institute to provide funding for Economic Freedom Audits to Atlas Network partners all around the world. This opportunity is restricted to organizations based in countries placed in the lower half of the Economic Freedom of the World Ranking

The Economic Freedom Index, with its five areas composed of three and a half dozen variables, not only provides the most comprehensive policy description of a nation available, but the information also creates a prescription for reform — showing where a country is weak and strong, how its regional competitors are doing, and where best practices can be found.

In the most recent edition of the University of Pennsylvania Global Go To Think Tanks Report, Economic Freedom of the World was ranked as the fifth most influential report published by the world’s 6,618 think tanks. Nobel Laureate Douglass North has called it the “best available … description of efficient markets.”

Economic Freedom Audits effectively convey the advantages of economic freedom and free markets to policy reformers and are a powerful media tool to communicate to the public. They are designed to develop practical policy reform ideas, create local ownership, and deliver these ideas to government and the people of the nation. They enable participants and the public to see how their nation does against the regional, world, and top 10 averages in economic freedom in 42 dimensions, and provide world-class policy examples for improvement.

The audits provide ample opportunity for communication to the public through the media: pre-audit news releases and interviews; coverage at the audit, typically including television; a post audit press release and interviews; and then, with the preparation of the final report, its presentation to the public and government.

Audits have been or are being undertaken in Greece, Serbia, Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Oman, Panama, Jordan, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tunisia, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Nepal. For a recent example of a successful audit please refer to the 2015 Economic Freedom Audit of Nepal conducted by Atlas Network partner Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, and its final publication.

The grant amount will be $15,000 which should include the responsibilities listed below for the partner organization as well as the cost of travel and accommodation for a Fraser Institute representative to participate in the Economic Freedom Audit main event.


  • The Fraser Institute provides the booklet and analysis. No fees are charged for the booklet or speaker besides the aforementioned travel costs included in the total grant amount.
  • The local partner is responsible for on-site logistics and organization, including but not limited to planning the launch event of the Audit including booking venues and meals, translation of the booklet produced by the Fraser Institute, marketing costs, and media releases.
  • From the recommendations developed in the separate workshops and through ongoing consultations, a final report analyzing the nation’s policy situation and presenting recommendations is prepared by the partner organization and circulated to the participants for comments.

To apply and learn more about the structure of this grant opportunity please follow the link on the top left of this page.

If you have any questions about this grant opportunity, please email