Atlas Network offers a variety of grant opportunities to partners in its network. If you are not yet a partner, please contact to learn more.

Before applying for a Project/Other grant, please be sure to review all opportunities listed on our grants page to see if your request matches one of those opportunities. For example, if you are a new organization (founded or reorganized in the last five years), we recommend you submit your request to the Think Tank Startup Fund. For any requests that do not match other grant opportunities listed, please complete the project/other grant application.

Atlas Network is not endowed so its grant-giving activities depend upon its own fundraising success. Thankfully, a growing number of donors turn to Atlas Network to help invest in the freedom movement – trusting our expertise to make judicious decisions about where to invest seed funding for new organizations, or help grow established partners to achieve new levels of impact.

Both international and United States partners are eligible.

Questions? Contact for any questions related to the Project/Other grant program. Our Institute Relations team is always happy to provide feedback on grant applications before they are submitted.