As part of the Doing Development Differently Campaign, Atlas Network invites its partners to apply for the Joining Up to Minimize Poverty (JUMP) grants.

JUMP grants support partner projects that aim to spread awareness to new audiences of how poverty can be reduced by increasing economic freedom. Ideas for locally focused educational and awareness campaigns that demonstrate the power of free markets to unleash prosperity and reduce poverty are particularly encouraged. Projects that identify new opportunities to spread this message outside of those who share a "liberty vocabularly" are a priority for this opportunity.

Strong candidates for this grant will execute a compelling multimedia strategy as a key element of their project, potentially including video production, photojournalism, and/or targeted media placements. They will also exhibit a strong respect for the dignity and autonomy of poor people as a cornerstone of development strategies.

An example of the type of project that falls within the scope of JUMP grants is the How We Thrive docuseries produced by the Foundation for Economic Education, particularly episode 3 “Made in Mékhé” featuring Magatte Wade.

Please note that JUMP grants are distinct from Atlas Network’s Poverty & Freedom grants, which focus on short-term, achievable policy reform projects. As noted, the goal of JUMP grants is to support awareness campaigns about how poverty can be reduced by increasing economic freedom.

We suggest requests of roughly $15,000, though other amounts may be entertained. Both international and United States partners are eligible. Matching preferred. Atlas Network is not endowed and accepts no government funding, so its capacity to give is restricted by its own fundraising success.

Atlas Network Academy participants preferred. 

Questions? Contact or Our Institute Relations team is always happy to provide feedback on grant applications before they are submitted.