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In countries around the world, the productivity of enterprise and entrepreneurship is limited by bad economic policies. We believe think tanks can be catalysts for policy reforms that create freer competition, enabling enterprise and innovation that benefit consumers, producers, and the greater society. That is why we are offering financial support to think tanks with ambitious but achievable plans to improve the public policy and regulatory environment in their countries. There is no specific reform or issue area required for a successful application. We encourage applicants to consider the theme "enterprise and entrepreneurship" and to identify viable and worthwhile reforms that represent local priorities and local vision for change.

We anticipate that most reforms that fit within the enterprise and entrepreneurship theme will fall under at least one of the categories of the Ease of Doing Business Index, Economic Freedom of the World Report, the U.S. Metropolitan Area Economic Freedom Index, or another related index. Please review the Doing Business Index and Economic Freedom of the World Report to determine how the reform your project seeks to achieve might impact scores in those reports (if applicable). 

Successful applicants will demonstrate a strategic understanding of how to optimize and execute research, marketing, and advocacy plans for demonstrable change.

We suggest requests of roughly $35,000, though other amounts may be entertained. Both international and United States partners are eligible. Matching preferred. Atlas Network is not endowed and accepts no government funding, so its capacity to give is restricted by its own fundraising success.

As part of the Doing Development Differently Campaign, Atlas Network invites its partners to apply for the Liberating Enterprise to Advance Prosperity grants. This grant is generously sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation.

Questions? Contact or Our Institute Relations team is always happy to provide feedback on grant applications before they are submitted.