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You and your organization make a considerable investment in time, talents, and resources developing and researching important public policy solutions. Through participation in this program, you will become even more successful at reaching and engaging new and larger audiences in a way that impacts their thinking and transforms lives for the better.

We invite think tanks, both from the United States and international, to apply for the Lights, Camera, Liberty grant and training program. This program offers a year of workshops, on-site training, equipment and technology support, and a film festival competition for organizations committed to more effectively sharing the freedom message with key audiences through online video.

If accepted to the program, your organization will receive:

  • Complimentary registration and accommodations for our annual Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop in Los Angeles with Hollywood insiders
  • Financial support for video equipment and technology improvements
  • Multi-day on-site training at your headquarters for multiple staff
  • Access to a private message board year-round where film and video experts will answer your questions, review your work, and offer tutorials and tips
  • Eligibility to compete in our annual film festival competition at Atlas Network's Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner with cash prizes for the winner.

The annual deadline to apply for the grant and training program is October 15. 

Past applicants and participants are welcome to reapply.

Questions? Contact Vale Sloane at:

The finalists for the 2018 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award are listed here:

Becket: Why There Aren't More Sikhs in the Military (Award Winner)

Canadian Taxpayers Foundation: Beer in the U.S.A (Finalist)

Libertad y Desarrollo: 3 Razones para Apoyar Ana Inmigración Sustentable y Regulada (Finalist)


The finalists for the 2017 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award are listed here:

Libertad y Progreso: Why Argentina Fails (Award Winner)


Bikalpa, an Alternative: Why is Nepal Poor? (Finalist)


Idaho Freedom Foundation: Hope Vetoed (Finalist)

Atlas Network showcases the winning videos at the Lights, Camera, Liberty film-festival, a competition open to the program’s grant recipients. Watch the compelling videos below.

2016 Winner - Foundation for Economic Education: Friedman vs. Sanders: Democratic Socialism Debunked

2015 Winner - Independent Institute: Love Gov

2014 Winner - Illinois Policy Institute: Coffee Run: Chicago Forces Out Entrepreneurs

2013 Winner - Foundation for Economic Education: The Truth About Savings and Consumption

2012 Winner - The Mackinac Center for Public Policy with Stealth-Unionization Scheme Bleeds Medicaid

2011 Winner - The Maclver Institute with Wisconsin Doctors Hand Out Fake Excuses to Doctors