Freedom & Prosperity Reform Grant

February 15 2023
Poverty Freedom Grant

We are excited to announce a new Freedom & Prosperity Reform Grants opportunity for Atlas Network partners, launched in collaboration with the Freedom and Prosperity Center of the Atlantic Council, a Washington DC-based think tank.

Strong candidates for funding will present an achievable strategy for increasing economic, political, and legal freedoms in their country or community. We will consider grant requests of up to $35,000 from Atlas Network partners in developing countries. Evidence of matching funding is preferred.

These grants are inspired by new research from the Atlantic Council’s Freedom and Prosperity Center, which works to increase opportunities for poor and marginalized individuals in developing countries. The Center's Freedom and Prosperity Indexes show that countries with more freedom tend to also have higher incomes and other indicators of prosperity.

Atlas Network partners have proven to be effective catalysts to policy reforms that remove barriers to enterprise and offer greater opportunities to thrive. Our Freedom & Prosperity Reform Grants will put resources into local projects designed to ensure self-determination and maximize human potential. We aim to drive an improved standard of living across the globe and particularly in developing countries.

Atlas Network accepts no government funding, so our giving capacity relies on the generosity of our donors.

Please submit the grant proposals by November 15. We will announce grant decisions by the end of December.

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