Human Dignity Grant

November 15 2023
Human Dignity Grant 01

Human Dignity Grant

As part of our Dignity Unbound project, Atlas Network invites partners to apply for the Human Dignity Grant opportunity.

Liberal institutions cannot be defended on the basis of economic efficiency alone. In contrast to academics, the beneficiaries of liberal institutions rarely frame their experiences in terms of economic impact. Instead, they speak of their dignity: the dignity of being free to work; the dignity of being full owners of their land (rather than insecure occupants, fearful of dispossession); and the dignity of being free and equal citizens, with rights equal to those of everyone else.

Based on a growing body of research and our own institutional work, we are convinced a bottom-up approach centered around dignity holds the key to successful institution-building and widespread poverty alleviation. Our aim is to demonstrate this by enabling millions of people to realize their own dignity through increased access to and participation in their legal institutions.

We believe our think tank partners can be catalysts for the policy reforms that secure this dignity for people in every country of the world. These policies reduce poverty and promote prosperity; importantly, they also honor the dignity that accompanies the freedom to take charge of one’s own future.

We are offering financial support to think tank partners with ambitious plans for dignity-based solutions to poverty and strengthening the institutions of liberal democracy. These plans can include first-rate marketing efforts to focus public attention on the inherent dignity of free enterprise as well as efforts to improve the policy landscape in ways that further human freedom and dignity in their communities.

There is no specific project type or issue area required for a successful application. Competitive applications must clearly demonstrate how the project:

1) directly promotes concrete increases in human dignity; and/or

2) broadens understanding and support for human freedom as the essential ingredient for increased dignity, fulfillment, and prosperity across the globe.

Successful applicants will make a clear case for how the project ties into their organization’s larger vision and strategy for impact.

Possible areas for dignity-based projects include but are not limited to:

  • Securing well-defined, legally secure, transferable property rights for all;

  • Strengthening legal institutions to provide equal access to the marketplace and to apply justice equally;

  • Enabling capable and limited government solutions to regulatory questions such as starting a business, getting construction permits, and joining professions; and

  • Increasing public and institutional appreciation for the presumption of human dignity and liberty as a way to make life and livelihood easier.

We suggest a request range of $20,000-$60,000, though other amounts may be entertained. Matching preferred. Atlas Network is not endowed and accepts no government funding, so our capacity to give is restricted by our own fundraising success.

We favor organizations who participate in the Atlas Network Academy and, in particular, those who have completed Think Tank Fundamentals and Think Tank Theory & Practice, which are both free online courses offered within the Academy.

Our 2022 deadlines will be February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15.

Questions? Contact Our Institute Relations team is always happy to provide feedback on grant applications before they are submitted.