Resisting Illiberalism Grant

June 01 2024

Important Notice: Grant Cycle Transition and New Deadlines

We've transitioned to three grant cycles per year. Please note the updated deadlines:

  • 2024: Feb 15, Jun 1, Oct 1

  • 2025 and forward: Feb 1, Jun 1, Oct 1

For questions or concerns, contact Grauben Lara at

Resisting Illiberalism Grant

The world is witnessing an authoritarian populist surge. Our challenge is not only to protect civil and economic rights, but also to counter a global movement that actively reject these values.

Atlas Network invites its partners to participate in the Resisting Illiberalism Grant Program. The Resisting Illiberalism Grant program is available for partners working to counter authoritarianism and the rise of illiberal statist sentiment.

Competitive proposals must demonstrate sophisticated, wide-reaching strategies to counter illiberal statist ideas and policies that usually manifest in the form of:

  • Constitutional reforms designed to increase state control of the media, the electoral process, and the court system;

  • Policies that reduce the independence of the judiciary;

  • Weakening of the institutional framework of independent authorities;

  • Use of tax authorities to target perceived political opponents;

  • Polemic rhetoric and policies that oppose free-trade, globalization, and promote economic nationalism;

  • Propaganda that blames economic and other problems on disfavored minorities, including religious, ethnic, sexual, racial, regional, and other minorities, and targets them for retaliation or exclusion from the nation.

Atlas Network is not endowed and accepts no government funding, so its capacity to give is restricted by its own fundraising success. Support is typically awarded in amounts less than $20,000 and rarely exceeds $30,000. Both international and United States partners are eligible.

We favor organizations who participate in the Atlas Network Academy and, in particular, those who have completed Think Tank Fundamentals and Think Tank Theory & Practice, which are both free online courses offered within the Academy.

Our 2024 deadlines will be February 15, June 1, and October 1.

Questions? Contact Our Institute Relations team is always happy to provide feedback on grant applications before they are submitted.

Resisting Illiberalism Grant