Shaping Hearts & Minds
Grant Opportunity

Deadline: October 1 2024

Atlas Network’s Shaping Hearts & Minds grant opportunity is dedicated to empowering our partner organizations to take the lead in shaping hearts and minds in their communities to foster support for economic rights, personal freedom, and the rule of law. We believe that real and lasting change begins with a shift in perspective, and this grant program is designed to support organizations that have identified opportunities to shift the Overton Window in the direction of a free society.

The focus of this grant opportunity is to empower our partner organizations’ efforts to influence the market of ideas. Local think tanks are a critical resource for effective policy solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. But for that to happen, societal and cultural transformation needs to take place.

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for this grant opportunity, organizations must be a current partner of Atlas Network.

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Several approaches for Shaping Hearts & Minds may include:

  • Educational Outreach

    Education and Outreach

    Develop and implement impactful educational programs and outreach campaigns designed to influence public opinion, foster understanding, and advocate for liberty and free-market principles.

  • Thought Leadership

    Thought Leadership

    Promote leadership skills among upcoming leaders in the movement in favor of individual liberty, economic freedom, and limited government.

  • Media and Communications

    Media and Communications

    Hold media and communications efforts to effectively convey your message and engage with a broader audience.

  • Cultural Engagement

    Cultural Engagement

    Utilize art, culture, and other creative means to connect with diverse audiences and convey the values of liberty and free-market economics.

  • Collaboration and Networking

    Collaboration and Networking

    Forge alliances, partnerships, and coalitions to amplify your message and extend your reach.


Successful Applicants:

  • Present a clear plan for changing hearts and minds
  • Show a track record of impactful work in promoting the principles of individual liberty or demonstrate a clear strategy for doing so for the first time.

We favor organizations who participate in the Atlas Network Academy and, in particular, those who have completed Think Tank Fundamentals and Think Tank Theory & Practice, which are both free online courses offered within the Academy.

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