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ALA graduates pose for a photo at Freedom Dinner.

The Atlas Network recognizes 34 leaders of free market think tanks as this year’s class of graduates of the Atlas Leadership Academy, which provides them with new resources and tools to build their organizations. These graduates now join the ranks of the global network of Atlas Leadership Academy alumni, numbering more than 67 individuals over three years.

This year’s graduates include Candelaria de Elizalde, general coordinator of Fundación Libertad y Progreso in Argentina. Elizalde participated in this year’s Think Tank MBA, and was runner-up in this year’s Shark Tank competition for her proposal of a video series titled “Already on the Road to Serfdom.”

Žilvinas Šilėnas also graduated from the academy this year. He joined the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) in 2006 and became president of the organization in 2011. Šilėnas has been active in the academy’s European programs, and completed the Think Tank MBA course in 2013. He was instrumental in leading the LFMI’s Municipal Performance Index, winning the $100,000 2014 Templeton Freedom Award.

The Atlas Leadership Academy is Atlas Network’s series of credit-based training programs covering topics in free market think tank management and professional growth. Participants must earn 12 credits to graduate from the Atlas Leadership Academy. Credits are earned by completing online and in-person coursework and training programs.

Atlas Leadership Academy alumni are part of a global network of leaders in the free-market movement, and are awarded special opportunities for grants and awards, including eligibility to participate in the annual Think Tank Shark Tank competition. Learn more and enroll at:

Atlas Network extends warm congratulations to this year’s graduates, and is excited and confident in what they will accomplish in their think tanks.

2014 Graduates of the Atlas Leadership Academy:

Gilmarie Ethel Briones, Foundation for Economic Freedom (Philippines)

Rory Broomfield, The Freedom Association (United Kingdom)

Admir Čavalić, Libertarian Association “Multi” (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Nikos Charalambous, Liberty Forum of Greece (Greece)

Isack Danford, Uhuru Initiative (Tanzania)

Candelaria de Elizalde, Fundación Libertad y Progreso (Argentina)

Brad DeVos, Bastiat Society (United States)

Rafael Gutierrez Serrano, CIDAC, Center of Research for Development (Mexico)

Christiana Hambro, Institue of Economic Affairs (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Isaby, The TaxPayers’ Alliance (United Kingdom)

Casey Lartigue, Freedom Factory (South Korea)

Isabella Loaiza Saa, Centro Libertad y Emprendimiento (Colombia)

Richard Lorenc, Foundation for Economic Education (United States)

Paul McCarthy, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation (Australia)

Stoyan Panchev, Bulgarian Libertarian Society (Bulgaria)

Guillermo Peña Panting, Fundación Eléutera (Honduras)

Giannina Raffo, CEDICE (Venezuela)

Ximena Ramirez, Libertad y Desarrollo (Chile)

Baladevan Rangaraju, India Institute (India)

Armando Regil, IPEA (Mexico)

Craig Richardson, Energy and Environment Legal Institute (United States)

Michael Rotich, Eastern Africa Policy Centre (Kenya)

Clark Ruper, Students for Liberty (United States)

Ali Salman, PRIME (Pakistan)

Žilvinas Šilėnas, Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania)

Ruzica Stojanovska, Ohrid Institute (Macedonia)

Medeni Sungur, 3H Movement (Turkey)

Nathan Tjirimuje, Chevauchee Foundation (Namibia)

Juliano Torres, Estudantes Pela Liberdade (Brazil)

Matthew Tyrmand, Open The Books (United States)

Eline van den Broek, Quid Novi Foundation (Netherlands/United States)

Peter Yakobe, Center for Free Market Enterprise (Malawi)

Tricia Yeoh, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Malaysia)

Vytautas Žukauskas, Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania)

Read more about each Atlas Leadership Academy Alumnus here.

Zilvinas Silenas, Giannina Raffo, and Craig Richarson.

Candelaria de Elizalde.