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The ideas of liberty can only have an impact on the world if they’re communicated to others effectively, and the most compelling examples of effective communication about freedom are worthy of recognition, reward, and emulation. That’s why Atlas Network partner Reason Foundation sponsors the annual Reason Media Awards, currently accepting submissions through July 31, 2015. Atlas Network partners and supporters are encouraged to inform their favorite writers about the awards.

Reason Foundation is now accepting entries for the 2015 Bastiat Prize for Journalism and the 2015 Reason Video Prize. A total of $32,000 in prize money will be awarded.

The first-place winner of the Bastiat Prize will receive $10,000, second place will receive $5,000, and third place will receive $1,000. Each will receive an engraved crystal candlestick.

The winner of the Reason Video Prize will receive $10,000, second place will receive $5,000, and third place will receive $1,000. Winners will be announced at the 2015 Reason Media Awards dinner on Nov. 10, 2015, in New York City.

Submission deadline for both prizes: July 31, 2015

More information: www.reasonmediaawards.com

Email: mediaawards@reason.org

Bastiat Prize for Journalism

Established in 2002, the Bastiat Prize was inspired by the 19th century political economist and writer Frédéric Bastiat. The prize is given to writers who educate readers by employing Bastiat's simple, eloquent and witty explanations of complex economic ideas, combined with a clear understanding of markets and their underlying institutions. This year marks the 14th Bastiat Prize competition.

Winners of the Bastiat Prize for Journalism have included Robert Graboyes (2014, Mercatus Center), Lane Filler (2013, Newsday), Ross Clark (2013, The Times and The Spectator), Anne Jolis (2012, Wall Street Journal Europe), and Tom Easton (2011 co-winner, The Economist). This year’s judges include Virginia Postrel (2011 co-winner, Bloomberg News), Mohit Satyanand (Chairman, Liberty Institute, India), John Tierney (Author and New York Times columnist), and Linda Whetstone (Network for a Free Society), among others.

View more information and rules for the Bastiat Prize.

View the online entry form for the Bastiat Prize.

Reason Video Prize

The Reason Video Prize, now in its third year, honors short-form, online video, film, and moving pictures that explore, investigate, or enrich libertarian beliefs in individual rights, limited government, and human possibilities. Winners have included Donald Boudreaux and Roman Hargrave in 2014 for their video "The Hockey Stick of Human Progress" (Marginal Revolution University), and Drew Tidwell in 2013 for his video "I, Pencil," produced for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

View more information, rules, and previous winning entries for the Reason Video Prize.

View the online entry form: for the Reason Video Prize.