October 25, 2017 Print

We are excited to announce the finalists of this year’s Think Tank Shark Tank competition, which is sponsored by the Smith Family Foundation and will be held during Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner on Nov. 7-8 in New York City. In Atlas Network’s Think Tank Shark Tank competition, three graduates of Atlas Network’s training program, Atlas Leadership Academy, compete in a showcase of the worldwide freedom movement's most exciting new projects. The winner, chosen by a panel of judges comprised of thought leaders in the industry, will receive a $25,000 prize in project seed-funding. The finalists are Alexandre Pesey (France), Melissa Mann (United States), and Bican Şahin (Turkey).

Alexandre Pesey
Founder, Institut de Formation Politique, France
Project: “The incubator Le Coquetier”

The project is a civic incubator designed to identify, select, train, coach, and guide intellectual entrepreneurs across France. Through the project, the organization plans to incubate and grow 10 organizations to advance liberty in France.

A political entrepreneur, Pesey has founded Le Coquetier, the Institut de Formation Politique (IFP), and the Tocqueville Fellowship, which is a yearly trip for French students to Washington, D.C., to learn about the American conservative movement. IFP trains students from throughout France how to effectively promote individual freedom and personal responsibility in the public sphere.

Melissa Mann
Director of Development, Reason Foundation, United States
Project: A podcast designed for women that tackles issues from a liberty perspective

This podcast program will be structured like successful TV or radio talk shows, such as featuring a leader, multiple regulars, and occasional guests, but will be unique in its podcast format. It will focus on a non-political female audience with political content, presented in an accessible and friendly way.

In her role, Mann speaks about free minds and free markets with Reason Foundation’s growing supporter base and develops letters, funding proposals, and marketing prose that share her organization’s award-winning public policy research and broadcast journalism. After losing her husband to cancer in 2014, she started writing Maxims From My Dead Husband, a book about the transformative experience of widowhood.

Bican Şahin, Ph.D.
Chairman, Freedom Research Association, Turkey
Project: “The Online Academy of the Rule of Law”

The new “Online Academy of the Rule of Law” will be an extension of a current Freedom Research Association project and will include short video lectures, interviews with some of the top legal experts in Turkey, and resources on the concept of rule of law.

This project is part of a series of four colloquiums on the rule of law with undergraduate students of law and political science as its primary audience. The goal is to establish it as an alternative academy for potential future judges, lawyers, and legal scholars. Dr. Şahin is chairman of Freedom Research Association in Ankara.

If you haven't already, click here to register for Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2017. This Think Tank Shark Tank competition will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 8, during Freedom Dinner at the historic Capitale.