October 14, 2019 Print

Education, free markets, and the origins of success are at the core of three films that will be recognized at this year’s Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival. The three finalists for 2019 are The Success Sequence, by U.S.-based Georgia Center for Opportunity; Freedom Vlogs, by Hungary’s Market Foundation/ Paradigm Institute; and Quota, by U.S.-based Pacific Legal Foundation

Lights, Camera, Liberty is an annual film workshop that helps Atlas Network partners transform the way they market their messages through online video. Video projects created by Lights, Camera, Liberty participants are eligible for the festival. This year’s Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award winner, who will receive a $1,000 prize, will be announced at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner on November 6-7 in New York City.  

Georgia Center for Opportunity: The Success Sequence


Getting an education, working a steady job, and waiting until marriage to start a family are simple steps that could help young people break the cycle of poverty. Georgia Center for Opportunity is working to connect the dots that make up the success sequence by educating and inspiring millennials, while also removing barriers that stand in the way of opportunities.

Paradigm Institute and Free Market Foundation: Freedom Vlogs


Paradigm Institute and Free Market Foundation seek to make complex policy issues more digestible in their new Freedom Vlogs video series. These short, humorous, and entertaining videos use everyday activities to explain how Hungarians benefit from a free market, free trade, and the rule of law. 

Pacific Legal Foundation: Quota


In Hartford, Connecticut, black and Latino children are being denied admission in their neighborhoods’ world-class magnet schools. Why? Because the government is forcing the schools to reserve seats for suburban white students. Engaging visuals and heartbreaking interviews tell the story of the parents who are suing the school system for the chance at a quality education for their children. 

The finalists will attend Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2019 to present their videos in the Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival and the winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize. This opportunity is limited to current and past Lights, Camera, Liberty training participants.